Sunday, April 29, 2018


Well Griffin is off to the movies with a friend, and Brylee has Drama practice at school so it will be just Stew and I for most of the day.

He's suggested we go out to lunch.

And I'm like... "And eat what?"

Cos what can you eat (except carb-less kebabs) in a coffee shop or food court?

Can't have anything with carbs or sugar.  Bye bye just about everything fast food-ish.

Frustrating.  Haven't got my head around it all yet.  There has been SO MUCH information thrown my way!

Feeling a bit bogged down by it all.

I've listened to a couple of videos by Dr Fung.  Read a few articles and so on. Gone and checked out a few links to this, that and the other thing.  And I'm like... fuck.

Too much info.  Some good.  Some so-so.
I'm still trying to absorb some of it, ignore some of it and make it work for me and Stew.

We are both seeing really good results with our daily testing!  Stew's numbers are really coming down LOW!  Mine are certainly getting there too.

I'm certainly getting over the damn pricking of the finger shit.  I hardly flinch now, and certainly don't break out in a sweat and shake at the sight of the pricky thing coming at me!

Pricky thing!  OMG... that's kinda funny... depending on how ya read it.


Change of topic.  Touch wood... we have had NO puppy accidents in a couple of weeks!  FINALLY house trained.  About bloody time.  Those two girls sure took longer than normal to get to this point.  I was starting to despair they would ever stop piddling inside!

But, seems to be sorted now.  And soon, they should both be coming into season.  NOT breeding on this season, and not even sure if we will at any point yet.

We will see how I feel in another 6 months!

So... I'm going to bugger off and find something to do.  Give me some lunch out ideas, or we will be staying home!


10.30 am and I'm shaking like a leaf!  Seriously.
I wanted to get my fasting reading before I had some breakfast, but Stew is in the shower, so I decided to do it myself!

I got his kit and I DID IT!   I was shaking so much it's a wonder I could even get that pricky thing near my finger, but I did.  So proud of myself.

And my reading was 10.2, which is excellent!  (for me) ... so happy.

Now I can have my breakfast.  And stop shaking.

Well both kids are out, so we DID go out for lunch.
As Stew had never been to The Good George before, we went there.  It's not far from home at all either, so while we could have walked, as it's wet, we drove.

The menu:

 ABOVE:  After much consideration, we both decided to have the Warm Pork Scotch Salad.  And a side of onion rings.
I also had a hot chocolate... which was amazing!  First 'sweet' thing in well over a week!

ABOVE:  Our salads.  The stuff on the top was crumbed pork crackling... it was so hard it was almost inedible sadly.  On a scale of 1-10 we gave this meal a 3-4 at most.  Disappointed.   But live and learn.  Don't order that again.  The onion rings were a solid 10 for me though!

Now, looking forward to testing my bloods in 2 hours!  Let's see how the hot chocolate and dressings affected me?

I miss sewing!  Two days of none.  Might have to go make something... DANG!  I have to wash the bloody floor first.  *sigh*  Maybe I will do that tomorrow, when there's no one around to mess it up straight away?  YEAH, good idea.

5 pm:  And after lunch my blood sugar level was 8.2 !  Rather happy with that, the hot chocolate did not elevate my levels at all.  Yaaaa!

Again, I will be having a small meal for dinner as lunch was a decent size and I'm not very hungry now.  

Stew and the kids are having pork chops and veges for dinner.  I might have a pork chop with an egg later.

Winding down for the day... been a quiet evening as per usual.
Happy with my day.


  1. Chicken or Beef Salad. Omelette.

  2. Great suggestion for the salad and omelette. At a food court or cafe it can be done but I'm not saying it's easy. We've had this problem for years now - Stu always goes for eggs and usually they are not for me. I get a slice of fritatta or quiche (leave the pastry if you want). There are usually Japanese bowl type meals at food courts - you can get them minus the rice. Get a roast without the potato. Have a good look around and do the best you can. Soup is another great option but of course, it always comes with bread! I tell you, when you go low carb it really opens your eyes to just what food is available. We've found some places that serve great low carb food - it takes a little looking around but more and more places are catering to this market.

  3. do you have Sumo Salad or Soul Origin in your food courts? They are both great for nice, filling salads..... Soul Origin in my favourite (great coffee too, although I know you're not a fan) Christy xxxxxx

  4. For me, I mourned the loss of the rituals, you know? Like you meet friends for cake and coffee. You go out for lunch and treat yourself. That is something I still struggle with.
    I am SO PROUD of you for doing your own reading! Legend!

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I can understand how proud you are of yourself that you managed the finger prick yourself - I am scared of needles and that would be the worst part of diabetes for me. Is it worth looking on line at menus for cafes or restaurants before you go out anywhere for lunch - then you wouldn't be disappointed when you get there. Audrey

  6. Eating out is a big challenge. I go for eggs benedict and don't eat the bread or hash brown that usually accompanies it. Big breakfast is an option if you're hungry = bacon, salmon, eggs, spinach, mushrooms. The Coffee Club is my fav place at The Base, they do a dish called the paleo breakfast and it's very tasty! It's certainly a challenge though.

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Well done on pricking yourself, huge effort for you


  8. do you have Sumo Salad or Soul Origin in your food courts? They are both great for nice, filling salads..... Soul Origin in my favourite (great coffee too, although I know you're not a fan) Christy xxxxxx

  9. It's nice to have the odd treat - testing your blood sugar is great. You are more likely to stick with this if you enjoy your food :)

  10. Well done you dentist and needles all in just over a month great, yes us too rain rain rain then heavy rain.....

  11. I still think you should talk to your doctor about sessions with a dietician, so you can follow proper advice from one source. Their job is to give you suggestions and plans to follow so that you can do it properly and NOT get bogged down with misinformation.

  12. Pricking sounds horrid!!! Good on you for getting better at dealing with it. Must help seeing some good results!

    Meal Out Options:
    Grilled fish & salad, dressing on the side
    Chicken or hamburgers, but dont eat the bun I take the top off & just eat the middle (doesn't work unless you are going somewhere with cutlery)
    Quiche (but leave the pastry)
    Sumo Salads - make sure you add a protein
    Eggs (ask for only 1 slice of bread if you are having the occasional slice)

    Sorry to hear your meal out sucked. Very frustrating when you are looking forward to it (& fork out $$)

  13. Glad the hot chocolate didn't mess you up :)


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