Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Stew heads back to work today, along with millions of others.  The kids are 'lucky', they don't have to go back to school till tomorrow.

Today I fully intend making some more cushions.  I got 5 made yesterday, so I was really happy with my efforts.

ABOVE:  There's the cushions I made yesterday.  I am really happy with them all.  The middle two are a bit smaller than the other 3.  They are rather cute.

It will be interesting to see if they get any interest come Sunday.

So, as I said earlier, I am going to suss out more cushions.  I will need to buy more inners and batting soon though.  I might even go into Hamilton to get some today.
Yeah ... that's an idea.

THE ITCH:  still there, but abating I think?  I will give it another day... then if still itchy I will go to the Doctor.

Catch ya later...


12.03 pm:  Home from Spotlight.  I hate that place.  Seriously hate it.  There seems to be no system when waiting to be served at the fabric counter... people can stand 'over there' while you are in a queue ... and they get served first!

I had two lots of people just rock up and get served, meanwhile I was patiently waiting in a queue... so I ended up getting mad and telling the girl behind the counter that she was serving people who were effectively 'pushing in'... so she finally served me.  Grrrrr.

I wish I had another choice when it comes to Spotlight ... but Cambridge is too small to get one. 

So anyway, I only got what I needed, then came home again.
I'm now going to settle down and make a couple more cushions.

Brylee and Griffin are both out and about. Dude is at school doing Drama class and Brylee is down town with a friend.

So it's quiet.  Blissful.

 ABOVE:  Last night... Stew had very inquisitive company while loading the dishwasher.  I think Denim wanted to jump in there and personally 'clean' the dishes.  lol

ABOVE:  Just made these two cuties.  Sunshine and brightness.  
I might make a couple of matching coasters in the yellow too.  Damn, just realised I forgot the centre button on both those cushions... better go and do that first and foremost, so I don't forget again.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SEVEN MONTHS": 

Love how you call me an idiot but yet YOU are the uneducated idiot that goes on about loving cows while shoving your beloved cows in your mouth LOL Classic! It's no wonder most of your children have huge issues and unresolved baggage, you did after all raise them mostly by yourself.Apple doesn't fall far from the tree and all that.Nasty, angry old bag! 


 ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner will be cute cows....


ABOVE:  It's gunna be fluffy chickens instead. Well... just their legs.

End of the day, had a thoroughly enjoyable Card Night ... got home a bit later than 'usual'.  We played a game called Phase 10, I'd never played it before.  Want to get it now!
I'm now off to bed, 11.33 pm... early for me!


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Digging the pillows. And I just noticed you changed your profile picture on your blog and I LOVE it; you look marvelous!!!

    GADawn57 aka Dawn P. from Albany, Georgia, USA

  2. Beautiful cushions just gorgeous.....

  3. Considering the f-wits I am having to deal with today, I think I would rather be at bloody Spotlight (which I hate).

  4. The top 2 cushions Love Love Love the colours amazing together,, 2nd lot beautiful too and 3rd lot pretty as well so you have so much in the VARIETY of colours would go with most home decor.

    You have been busy and sorry to hear your spotlight deal wasnt the best .Some times bulk buying, seeing you have to travel to Hamilton is probably what you do, but if its like ours get home and next day something is needed where we were the day before but we glide through it somehow!!

    Spotlight For some reason are ALWAYS busy in both countries.I get Kiwiana material when we come home on holidays, I cant get it here,, and they are always busy the NZ ones we buy at.. Nth and Sth isles.

    Hope you get some good sales on Sunday Markets..


  5. Love your humour. You rock!

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    We might have cow tonight as well. 😂 Actually I have no idea what we are having but I do have a freezer full of meat with steaks sitting at the top

  7. Well the 2 latest cushions are just beautiful , sunshine and brightness sure light up a room

    Luvin them,, you have good creative tastes


  8. LOL. - anon would have been proud, we had vegetable soup but maybe cow tomorrow :)

  9. Ha we had pig we having cow tomorrow though.

  10. We had little lamb but I cooked up a bit of cow for tomorrow. 🐮

  11. Oh I LOVE cows to, they are beautiful and delicious. Part of the food chain anon.

  12. The first pillow is my very fave. Would go nicely next to your pottery maybe.

  13. Love the yellow! Spotlight here used to have numbers, but somehow that seems to have been phased out... :(

  14. We had homegrown cow tonight, grass-fed just like in New Zealand. Very tasty.

  15. I had fluffy General Tso's chicken tonight. And some of those green veggies that look like little trees. Feel kind of guilty about eating those nice little broccoli trees though! It kills the whole plant when you cut a bunch off. Actually, I live with two vegetarians so meat is sort of a rarity around here. But, I had my favorite take aways - as you would call it.

  16. Love the dresden plate pillows, so pretty!


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