Monday, April 09, 2018


Meh.  Go get me blood tests done this morning.
Bright and early, so I don't have to sit and wait... and get all nervous.

I'm only 2 months overdue for them.  That's not that bad, for me.

Then I will come home, get the washing done, tidy the house... and my sewing room.
It's a bloody mess.

At least I don't need to make anything else for market next month.  I have plenty of stock.

I'm thinking of doing the Tamahere Market, it's more a Craft Market than the Cambridge Trash 'n' Treasure market.  I might do better there?

I would have to get a gazebo though.  So I will price them.  I was told Mitre 10 and Bunnings have them at a decent price.  I certainly would need one at Tamahere, it's in a church grounds, and if it rains I would need cover.

Feeling jaded.  Got text messages last night that were worrying. Haven't heard from 'someone' in a while... which is bothersome.  Seems 'under the bridge' might have given way to 'behind bars'?  Gosh, when you can't trust the source, and don't hear from the 'someone'... you are just left in the dark!
Grrrrrr.  SOMEONE, if you are reading this ... get in touch! 

Times like this all I want to do is crawl back into bed... or eat cake.  Neither option is good.


Right.  More information at hand... and I'm assured 'someone' has at least been fed over the weekend! lol  NOT under a bridge.

Proud to say I finally got me blood tests done.  The lady could see my one good vein was quiet swollen (from the dental IV Sedation), but managed to get the blood drawn using a tiny, fine needle.
It was one of the best blood draws I'd had!  Gotta love those baby needles!

I'm now going to do some housework...

 ABOVE: Nothing gets up my nose more than an untidy/dirty bathroom.  
I am so utterly over saying the same thing over and over and OVER again.
Maybe some signs will work?

Right... on to the next job.

Dinner is about to go in the oven... meatloaf tonight.

Coco has decided to go ape shit when the neighbour mows his lawns.  She was scratching the door frame in the garage and howling!
I let her into the house, and she just did the same thing by the front door.... so I locked her in a crate.  She settled down!
Weird dog.

The kids got home from school... Brylee declared her loathing of meatloaf and said she would be having spaghetti for dinner!  I'm tempted to tell her she will have to starve, or eat meatloaf.

I'm not in a good mood right now.  Tired.  Crabby.  Sore back. Bloody kids just do my head in.

Tonight's meatloaf was really lovely.  I used red onions instead of the normal 'brown' ones, and I think it made a huge difference.
I thought I'd made enough for two night's dinners, but obviously it was so yummy my males ate 75% of it on their own!  Oh well... glad they enjoyed it.

Winding down for the evening... my back is still really sore.  I've been fluffing around the house for most of the day, might have overdone it.


  1. I feel your pain with the loo problem!! I also notice that the roll "in use" doesn't look like it actually has enough on it to be of any use - why leave 2 sheets of paper????

    Well done on getting your bloods done, I know how you love it so - NOT :-)

  2. I love the signs! Hope they work. I would also love meatloaf for dinner :-) One of my two kids eats meatloaf, the other complains and doesn't eat it.

  3. There is nothing more annoying when all of a sudden one of the kids declares that they don't like something - that they have been eating for years!!! Siobhan does that, she has turned into a fussy eater!!!

  4. I hope "someone" is okay! Love the signage....

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Love the signs haha classic. And yummy I love your meatloaf. I should make that one day I know all the kids love it. Xx bex

  6. I hate commentary from the peanut gallery when it comes to what is being served. If you are not cooking it then shut up and eat. Hope your back feels better. Take care.


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