Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Warning to self:  'DON'T SEW WHEN YOU ARE TIRED'.

This happens:

ABOVE:  I put the box corners on the wrong way... and the zip is running the wrong way!
It's still a pretty bag, but rather impractical.  Derrr.
I can't be arsed unpicking it all and starting again.  So, it is what it is.

AND.... this is what I made at 1 am last night:

ABOVE:  How stinkin' cute is that!  It's a fabric box again, but a different pattern.  I am really enjoying trying a few new things.

Sad news.  My friend J died yesterday morning.   I'm glad her suffering is over now and her family can start the grieving process.

Now... today?  More of the same... perhaps some sewing, certainly some housework.
I might try and drag the kids out of their bedrooms so we can play cards too.

I've got a friend's birthday to attend tonight, so I have to sort out a plate, and a gift.  The gift should be easy!  I've got a shit load of stuff sewn! lol

OK... time to go.  Catch ya later.


12.25 pm: And today has not gone to plan at all.
I got outta bed around 8 am, but felt sick as a dog... splitting headache and feeling like I was going to throw up constantly.

I got bad blood test results for my diabetes, so in my wisdom I decided to up my Metformin.  NOT over what was prescribed, in fact, I've never taken all I was supposed to.

And it's not agreeing with me AT ALL.  I have just felt sick for days.  So, I've made a Doctor's appointment for tomorrow.  I need to get this sorted out asap.  I just feel like vomiting all day long. 

So anyway, I took some panadol and went back to bed.  And woke up at.....

11.45 am  !!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that's the latest I've stayed in bed in forever!  Brylee and Griffin even beat me out of bed today!  OMG.

So, today I am now going to sit and keep my legs up, cos my feet are all swollen from sitting down at the sewing machine for too long.  I might unpick that disaster of a bag, change it to something else.  It's too pretty to waste.

6.00 pm:  I got the bag unpicked, then watched some youtube videos, then.... fell asleep again!
Just don't feel well at all.

Woke up when Stew got home from work!  Left overs from the fridge for dinner tonight.

Not going out to friend's birthday dinner... just not up to it.  I'm glad I'm going to the Dr's tomorrow.  Maybe a change of medication is needed.

Signing off cos I'm not doing anything!


  1. So sorry to hear about J.

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Oh sorry to hear about your friend but yes at least she isn't suffering anymore. 🌷🌷 omg the bag is so cool I'd love to take it off your hands will be perfect for my crochet projects 😉😚 bex

  3. I really like the fabric box.

  4. Sorry about your friend J!

    You must have needed to sleep that is a long time! Hope you are feeling better and love the projects.

  5. Anonymous2:17 PM

    With the metformin - ask to be presecribed the long acting version (mine is called Diabex XR) - I haven't had any side effects on it (and I got horrible side effects on 'normal' metformin)

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    you dont know me from a bar of soap, but i have followed your blog for ages, i have have pre-diabetes, so i know a little of what you are going through, and when i read what you are going through it makes feel so sorry for you (and im not being rude, sarcastic or nasty), and i appreciate that you dont like being told what to do/eat, however please get some help, diabetes is a manageable disease, and you can put this into remission. i have read over the years all the comments on your blog about low carb etc, and i understand its not your bag - but please do something to manage your blood sugars.....i had to get counselling as i was addicted to food and eating, and at 140kgs and prediabetic - i was a ticking time bomb...if i cant do it you can - you dont need to publish this, i just wanted to let you know my thoughts - Angela

  7. One of your readers a few weeks ago suggested you read "The Obesity Code" by Dr Jason Fung. I actually booked it with the local library and just got it last week - you need to read this!! He also has a book called "The Diabetes Code" but you need to understand what insulin does. I saw the comment above and try so hard not to suggest low carb etc knowing how you feel but you simply can't keep doing what you are doing. Every time you get bad results you say you will change but never do. It's not about dieting, it's about eating a different way. Please consider reading one of Jason Fung's books. He is not a quack, he's a highly regarded doctor who is helping diabetics every day. You don't need to publish this either... but it's coming from a real place of caring about you.

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM

    That was me, Lynda xx
    I actually want to buy you a copy, Chris, that's how strongly I feel about it! Cranks x

    1. Ah, now I remember. Thanks for the heads up - even though I know much of what's in the book, it's still mind boggling how wrong the diet industry has got it for so many years (and still does).

  9. a baby bag perhaps for a little girl baby maybe

  10. I'm an RN and a few months ago bought myself a new blood glucose /Ketone meter to use ( i visit people at home). I'm not diabetic. Just for fun, decided to check my husbands fasting BGL. It was 8.6mmol!!! OMG. Completely asymptomatic, and he had no clue. That was it, he was off the starchy carbs immediately, and within two days his reading was down to 5mmol. He rarely eats starchy carbs now and his BGL's are in check. It's surprising how quickly things can turn around.

  11. So the offer is there, Chris...let me buy you a copy of The Diabetes Code.
    You have nothing to lose by reading it!
    This book and The Obesity Code have absolutely changed my life.
    It is NOT your fault that the diets that you - that ALL of us - have tried for years have not worked. Not your fault at all.
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results" - Unknown.
    I will understand if you don't publish this - as always, the offer is done with love and genuine concern xxx

  12. Hope you feel better soon and you can get your meds tweaked. Can't have you stopping sewing due to feeling sick!!

  13. take care Chris and seek the medics advice,,,,, They deal with it day to day and really have our health at heart

  14. Sorry to hear about your lovely friend J ..

    No more struggle for breathing etc and sleeping peacefully now

  15. Sorry to hear of your friend passing. X

  16. That box bag is very cute, and the little fabric one even cuter.... I am do sorry to read that your friend passed away.
    Hopefully the doctor will sort out the problem with medication and side effects.

  17. Sorry to hear of your friend passing away. Hope you feel better soon.

  18. Metformin is awful for "digestive issues". There is another version of the same drug we have here, that I take, called Glumetza. It is a slow release version of Metformin and I take it at night so there are no stomach issues at all. Maybe you could ask your doctor about that?

  19. P.S. I echo reading "The Obesity Code", even if you decide not to follow it, it's very good information as well as "It Starts With Food" by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. These two books finally made me understand how my body works and reacts to glucose.


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