Thursday, April 12, 2018


Excited!  Today Robyn P and I get to visit our friend Johanna, and meet her brand new baby girl, Lotta.

Baby was born over Easter, so she is about 2 weeks old now.   She is very cute * smiles *.

That is not until 11 am, so until then I have a project on the go in the sewing room.  It's something I started a little while ago, and now I'm all excited to work on it again.

Sneak Peek:   

ABOVE:  Such gorgeous fabric!

Stew made me a 'prop' last night for my 'What's for Dinner?' photo!  I do believe he thinks I'm a bit twisted... lol.

So, what's for dinner tonight?....


I am sure it will be delicious.  And now... I'm going to bugger off and do some housework, then sewing.


1.01 pm:  Today has so far been just lovely.
I got some sewing done then headed out to meet the new baby, and of course, catch up with Johanna and Robyn.

ABOVE:  There you have it... one extremely happy Mummy, and a baby wanting a feed!  Lotta is gorgeous, she looks like her Daddy!  I got a cuddle, which was just lovely.
It's been almost 3 years since I got to hold a newborn!

That's my friend Robyn P in the background.  After visiting with Johanna and Lotta, Robyn and I went to lunch at a local cafe.  It was good to have a long natter.

Now I'm home and ready to get sewing again.  I had forgotten how many steps were involved in making what I'm working on!  Won't get it done today, that's for sure.

End of the day and I didn't get much else done.  Hopefully I get more done tomorrow so I can show you what 'it' is.

The chicken was lovely, it always is really!  Bit hard to ruin a roast chicken when it's cooked in a roasting bag.


  1. flippin hilarious. ( the prop)

  2. Lol hope you can post a baby pic I love newly hatched babies 👶

  3. hahahahaha - love it!!!!

  4. I didn't realize that was fabric. I thought it was stained glass at first glance.

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      I thought the same! Its beautiful!

  5. Great prop. Sweet Baby. Looks like you had a nice day.

  6. Wow that fabric is stunning. Can't wait to see what you're making. I love Stews 'gadget'. You could hang all sorts off that lol. Have a great day Chris.

  7. Ha you are cracked! You egg lol... funny high is that the batik fabric


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