Sunday, April 15, 2018


Well.. it took a few days, but I finally got my latest project finished.

I've made a few before, but not for what feels like a very long time.

ABOVE: A 'Stay Open Bag'.  Named for it's ability to stay open so you can find your stuff in it!

I had planned on renaming it something else, like the 'Cute' bag, but really, it's a Stay Open Bag!
I'm going to try selling some on my stall next month.

Now... today?
No bloody idea!  It's supposed to be wet, so probably not doing anything outside.

Not sure If I feel like making another bag yet.
But I will at least sort out the fabrics for the next one I think.

If anyone wants the one above, it's $60 (NZ) + postage.

Right, I'm off to make the bed, get showered and dressed and then decide what to do with the day.


Got a bee in my bonnet when I got up... and had to move some stuff ...

 ABOVE:  We have this rug on the family room floor, to protect the carpet from traffic lines.

But, there is one place that really needed protecting more:

 ABOVE:  This traffic way from out the back into the Family/Kitchen/Dining room. OMG it is getting so dirty!  So, I moved the rug.  Well ... I moved 90% of the furniture, then Stew helped me with the rug.

ABOVE:  All done.  Best photo of the day, his nibs doing the last bit of vacuming for me.

Don't worry, he didn't have to do it all!  I'm not a slave driver.  He got to sleep in till after 9 am!

After that, I decided to make something small and quick, something I've not made before:

ABOVE:  The CUTEST little fabric 'bin'.  I love it, and will certainly be making more of them, in various sizes I think. It only took a couple of hours... and I am bound to get faster now that I've made the pattern.  Which is simple as.

Time to stop for lunch, I'm starving!  (it's 1.20 pm)

Quiet afternoon.  Feeling sick as a dog.  Upped my Metformin (blood tests results were bad).
The smell of food is turning my stomach.  Ikkk.

Signing off... might start something else in the sewing room later, depends how I feel. 


  1. The bag is superb. Well done to the model and the craftswoman. Helen in France

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

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  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Love the fabrics you used on the bag. It certainly takes some time to get them finished doesn’t it ?

  4. That is stunning Chris love the way it stays open .. Very tricky and time consuming to make but once again your patience has "nailed it'

    Love the striking colours you use and your Model She makes it look lovely as well ..She has the height and all to show it off well, for its use..

    Nice to know you are getting some rain good to cool the air now autumn is really here .

    Still cant believe how much that rubbish was to dump.. We pay $6 a boot load ,,,and council rates give us 2 free tickets a year so even after using those we still have it very cheap really ..

    All our clothing and knick nacs we no longer use, garden things almost anything thats still in good order ,, all are bagged and taken to a retro shop nearby whose volunteers have learning difficulties and they supply the good heavy thick plastic bags to donate in as well which is gr8

    They have just opened a lovely cafe there as well with really nice "goodies and gr8 teas and coffees etc good prices and all so can coffee while we shop as well..

  5. I love that bag! I remember you posted the instructions for them years ago, I saved it, but have been too scared to try it! Lol. Pulled out my sewing machine last week and made cushion covers for our outdoor setting, now looking for a little project and found this ... Looks easy, but also might be a seller at your market? I have one that I bought and use it all the time x

  6. Love the newest fabric creations and well done you 2 having a change of rug and furniture.. They say a change is as good as a holiday .
    Sorry to hear you arent feeling 100% maybe an early night will be gr8 for you guys ...

    1. Ha ha... an early night for me would be 11.30 pm! Any earlier and I toss and turn and can't get to sleep till 2-3 in the morning.

  7. Know the feeling Chris,,, I think all us girls are in the same boat.. An early for me is reading ,,till I drop off usually about 1am!!!!

    I lie there thinking (while my DH sleeps like a log) lol all the things I could be up and doing!!!!

    Oh well sweet dreams all!!!

  8. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I love the fabric bin - I have a couple of those around the house for storing phone chargers and little things in. They are so practical and look great.

  9. I love the fabric bin. My mom made one for my dog's toys. One dog insists on greeting us at the door with a toy every time we walk in. If he can not find a toy, he drags the toy bin around (which is as big as him). It's reeally cute!


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