Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Damn angry right now.
Got played by a lying piece of shit.

I should never have replied to the first text... I should have totally ignored them like usual.

Some people thrive on manipulation, control, and bullshit.  Sure, there was a THREAD of truth in what was being said... but we now believe there was also a huge amount of exaggeration and bullshit.

The trouble is, when TWO people are known to tell outright lies, who do you believe?

Neither.  Backing off now.  Leaving them both to sort out their own shit.

When you see lies and bullshit written on Facebook, and call that person on it... and they IMMEDIATELY DELETE THEIR ENTIRE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT... hmmmm.  What does that say?  That they are a total liar, a shit stirrer.  

Don't ever try and score points using me arsehole.

Enough is enough.

And we ARE NOT BEHIND YOU John A*****!  As if!  We will always be there for our own, not YOU. 

Now that's off my chest, and hopefully read by who it's directed at, I'm moving on.

Now, to try and get my mind off all that shit... I'm going to do some sewing today.  Not sure what yet!  But I think it will be something for me.

I've been putting off a shit job around the house too.  The linen cupboard needs tidying up.  It is a bloody mess... except for the towels.  They look gorgeous!  lol
So, that's on me 'to do' list too.

Seriously though, I'm just so tired and feel like staying in bed all day.  I'm a bit worried it's the start of a depressive period again.
So, I really need to fight that 'stay in bed' urge, and get more active. 



I was talking to my Mum the other day... and she said something that utterly cracked me up!
It has been said to me on MANY occasions in the past by friends, and readers here.


It was:  'You should write a book'!

Now that's never going to happen.  But I did kinda snigger, cos what is my blog if not a written record of my life?  Sure, most of the shitty, nitty gritty gets posted on my Private Blog... so in effect I have TWO books on the go!  lol

I'm sure our life here is not that much different from hundreds of thousands all over the world.  Have 6 + 2 kids and see how your life turns out!

I assure you, unless you are bloody saints, it's NOT going to be like the fucking Waltons.

What a joke that was on me.  I went to Quiz night last night, and seriously, there were four of us feeling like crap due to family issues.  Two were of a totally different type of misery, and one was exactly the same as mine!

I got more texts from ANOTHER family member this morning.  Another sort of 'fuck are you kidding?' type of thing.  Now I'm even more damn annoyed.  Got me outta bed though.

We (the country), got an early winter storm yesterday/overnight.  It's REALLY COLD outside!  
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  I don't actually like being cold, but hey, at least I can put on warm clothes.
Ya can't walk around naked if you're too hot!

So over being too hot!

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner will be roast cow.  With roast veges.  And gravy. *smiles*

1.55 pm:  and well... I went to town.  Got my undercut re-done.  Freaking out cos he cut too much off.  But, it will grow again.
I'm not posting a photo cos really, I'm not liking it at all.

I had a list, got it all for once.  Very happy with that.
Offered to meet up with the girls.  One was working.  Didn't hear from the other.  edit:  did later on.

So, I'm now home and making myself some lunch... just a bit late in the day.

Then I will get on with my jobs.

ANON:  Not publishing your crap.  HE was never, ever around ANY of our little kids. Pull your head in.  

JA: LIES AGAIN I see.  You didn't delete your Facebook account like you said you did. You just blocked me.  AND you deleted the last few posts on your FB page too... interesting. 

ANON:  My you are a persistent nasty bastard aren't you?  For your information, if you had BEEN THERE, you would know he spent 90% of his time at that event sitting in his car.  He never interacted with any of the kids at any point.  

SARAH:  I cannot publish your comment as it is inaccurate.  There was never any indication that he was 'that' way inclined, and I never implied that at any point.

ABOVE:  The family's dinner tonight, with mixed veges on the side.
I really don't like the smell of beef cooking!  And as I had a very late lunch, I'm not having any of it either.  Beef like this does nothing for me.  Ikkk.  
Brylee is happy, meat, potatoes and gravy... she loves potatoes and gravy!

I need to clarify something.  An ANONYMOUS person left me a couple of nasty comments today stating that John A***** was a junkie and we had let him be around our Keera.  I had to deny he had been around her or any of our little kids.  I never intimated he was anything else... or even that I agreed he was a 'junkie'. 

Hee hee.  Stew is working on something for me ... for my post tomorrow!
It's kinda funny, kinda not, depends on your sense of humour... mine is a bit sick. 
And on that score, I'm signing off for the day. 


  1. staying active is a good idea! Even try to walk around the block or do some gardening? Endorphins!! (Said she who hardly ever exercises!!) but when I do I feel 1000% better, Christy xxxx

    1. I agree, get out for a walk, or jump on the bike, doesn't have to be long but just a short burst of exercise will make you feel better. Maybe you should see if any of the local gyms have a boxing class - exercise & frustration relief!!

  2. My linen cupboard is a nightmare too.. I've given everyone their own linen and they keep it in their rooms, in a drawer or in under bed storage - certainly freed up a bit of space!

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    We have the same shit in our lives, we’re just living life and doing nothing but seem to get dragged into others utter shit, I find drinking helps hahahaha. Jo

  4. Seriously? You're too busy to write a book! Waltons, indeed.

  5. We have the smallest linen cupboard, and it's a mess! But like Ally, the kids bed linen is all in their rooms in under bed storage boxes, which helps immensely.

  6. The meat and veg looks Choice!! i am sure all of the ones there enjoyed.
    Sorry to hear you ones are having trouble with people in your lives.

    Its sad that some can try and break up a happy place,,, so take care and remember what we dont see written or hear 2nd hand ,sometimes is best not even 'going there" unless its defamatory of course and that is another entire matter to be dealt with by those in Authority who are not personally involved

    Keep your chin up,,, with the happy home there and others in the family and friends who do care ..

  7. Same shit different day or new day same old shit!!!! Whichever way you view it lol but one day you will think back and say I wasted my days away on this shit... why? I do hope you have a shit less day tomorrow 😂 your new motto could be "I dont give a shit"

  8. Can't wait to see what this blog post is that Stew is helping you brew up!

  9. I don't have a linen cupboard. I need more closets but no where to put them.

    So much drama. I'm behind on posts to know what is going on


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