Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Well... After making that darn cute Soup Bowl Cozy the other day, yesterday I sat down and made:

ABOVE:  A few more.
I want to have at least a dozen or so by my next market day.  And two to send to my Mum for her Birthday/Mother's Day next month too.

Clearly I was trying to STAY AWAY from blue!  But today I will be making some blue ones, and a few other options too.  Maybe more 'earthy' tones?  We will see. 
I really struggle not to do brights and pretties, so don't hold your breath for a brown one!

Unless I get an order for one of course.

We hope you have a lovely day.

At some point I will be going down town to pay more of my dental bill... nasty thing!  
And that is about all for now.


Feel bloody sick this morning.  I had stopped taking the anti nausea medication with the Metformin.  Bad move I think.  It looks like I need to give my body more time to adjust to the increase in Metformin.
One good thing... having to visit the bathroom constantly has stopped, thank god!  

I'm thinking of going into Hamilton, I want to find a smaller stand to display stuff on... probably find what I'm looking for at Payless Plastics.

I'm bored.  Been stuck at home for what feels like weeks!  

I had greek yogurt, berries and a spoon full of raw rolled oats for breakfast.  I am NOT a breakfast sorta person usually, but I was STARVING when I woke up.  Weird.   But then... not eating very much either!  

I've got out pork strips for dinner.  I've got several lovely marinades and sauces in the panty, bet I can't use any of them.  What to cook them in now?   Just oil I suppose.

OH and by the way, while I am doing Low Carb/No sugar does not mean I am doing HIGH FAT.  We are not doing high fat.  We are doing protein/veges/fruit/no processed stuff.
For now.  Until things level out and our blood sugars come right down.

Then we might be able to add some healthy carbs back into our diet.  Like potato.  God I miss potatoes at night.  


Makes me laugh.  I say don't mention mashed cauliflower, and of course several do!
Maybe adding cream cheese and so on is worth a try?  *screwing my face up*.

I had a mandarin and a feijoa about an hour ago... BAD MOVE.  Feeling sick as a dog now, and I have that weird tingly feeling all over my body again.  WTF is wrong with two small pieces of fruit?

I'm not having my dinner till after 9 pm tonight.  It's FBG Quizz Night, so I'm off out at 6.45 pm.
Stew and Griffin are on their own for a while, won't kill them.

I must show you what I got in Hamilton too!  Still in the car in fact.  Maybe tomorrow... for now I'm busy.

Well... Quizz Night was enjoyable, even though we sucked!  So many of tonight's questions were difficult!  We didn't come anywhere in the placings.  But it was still nice to get out with the girls.

Home, had some dinner, and now... off to bed soon.


  1. It’s “healthy fat” not “high fat”. It just means you shouldn’t be scared to eat fat and good fat aids you, it is what you need. You really need to read up on that. Fat is the only food that does not affect blood sugar.

  2. You have to puree that cauliflower and chuck a shitload of butter in. :D
    Have you watched any of Dr Fung's videos since you are bored?

  3. Try this

  4. You could totally embrace this way of eating and give it a proper go, instead of "I'M NOT I'M NOT". You have said it yourself - time for something different. The Drs and scientists that share so much of their knowledge with us have done the research, so let go of the bullshit idea that fat is unhealthy. :D

  5. Lol! I am with you completely on the mashed cauliflower. Also don’t let people convince you that cauliflower rice is the same as rice, or cauliflower makes a great pizza base... but by all means try these options as you may like them! I do not :-)

    1. I didn't like cauli rice to start with - that took awhile but then I found the method of baking in the oven and it goes toasty and delicious... now that's all we have! I agree about the mash - there is a knack to making good cauli mash but I would much rather have cauliflower cheese. I always make extra and heat it for lunch the next day. I make mine with cream and cheese melted then poured over with extra grated cheese on top and baked. Yum.

  6. Also.. in the context of an entire meal you have what's called glycemic load and a small piece of potato wouldn't be the worst thing you could have. It's better to do what you can stick to than make yourself miserable. When I make a roast I roast some carrot, pumpkin and a piece of kumera and/or potato. In my mind it's still a natural food with fibre etc.

  7. Well done with the changes you are making at present Chris. You are motivating me to do the same. Did you know that you can get low-carb potatoes these days? They are called "Lotatoes" and they are I think 40% lower in carbs than normal potatoes - so still a case of moderating, but a healthier option if you want potatoes. We get them at Countdown here in Christchurch.

  8. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hey Chris. How about some garlic & ginger with your pork strips for an oriental flavour? Or garlic lemon & oregano & olive oil for a greek flavour?

  9. I totally agree mash cauli is so wrong I love cauli but as a vege not as pizza base or crust for quiche or any other way.
    Happy birthday Steve. Hope Brylee is enjoying her vist with the smiggles I guess Bex will enjoy female adult company.

  10. Cauliflower mash is brilliant!! Blitzed in the Thermomix/blender with some cream cheese and parmesan.... my oh so British bangers and mash loving husband won't eat mashed potato any more!

  11. Definitely try with cream cheese. ..sooooo yum

  12. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Yes, all this talk of health I joined a program at a new dietitians and nutritionist hub..you get fortnightly appointments for a year plus an initial hour welcome appointment which includes a body scan which then is repeated every two months, individual food preparation classes, 24/7 access to recipes, blogs articles and a Facebook support page. Plus more for $100 per month. All appointments are individual and the program is worked out to suit each person etc and more stuff which I can' remember. One of my friends joined as well so that will be good support for each other.


  13. Could you have a small piece of cheese or a few almonds (or other nuts) or some other protein (very small amount needed) with your fruit? That would slow down the insulin response and not spike your blood sugar.

  14. I'm thinking a diet plan through a dietician will be what you need. They have a better knowledge of what to eat and make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. Certainly won't hurt..

  15. Everyone is a nutritionist lol you'll find out what works for you! You're on a mission!


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