Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Right.... let's just get to me hearts!

After make the first two yesterday afternoon, I made three more last night:

ABOVE:  I just love them!  Stew and Brylee said 'Where's a blue one?".... so boom!  A blue one got made.  

ABOVE:  Do you have a favourite?  I don't ....they are all gorgeous!
Now... how to 'market' them?
Just 'pretties' to hang somewhere in your home?
Or as smelly's.... that you can put aromatic oil on/in?  Hmmmmm.....

I've stitched these one's closed.  I might make the next batch with an opening in the back, so you can put oil in them.

So, guess what I'm doing today?  lol
Making hearts.  
Getting a load of washing done.
Sorting out dinner.
Might even go into Hamilton to get some ribbon.  

But for now... I might just get out of bed and have breakfast!


12.45 pm:  Well, I've been to Spotlight and bought a few ribbons (dead cheap ones), and a few other bits 'n' bobs.  But not much.

Then I was a good girl and came home again.  Did not eat a thing that I shouldn't... tis hard with all the delicious smells emanating from all the eateries *sigh*.

ABOVE:  I also got a letter from the Weight Management Clinic (Waikato Hospital Diabetes team)... so I have that to look forward to in 3 weeks time.  

Now, time to have some lunch then do some sewing.

ABOVE:  Only made one today.  But I think it's nice.  Not pretty, but not everyone likes 'pretty'.  

I've got to stop now and get dinner ready for the family.  Just a quick and easy dinner for them tonight.
I've got ladies due here at 7 pm for Card Night.

Card night was fun.  Six of us playing Scum and having a few laughs.  Lots of lovely snacks, and I had NOTHING.  I didn't even feel tempted.  Go me!

Time to sign off for the day. 


  1. I love the hearts - what a great way to use up scraps too! They are all pretty :)

  2. This is funny. On Saturday night I saw a pattern for these hearts and decided I'm going to make some for my mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day!

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Could put initials on them?

    1. I would only do that if they were ordered. Imagine having some with initials on, and someone said "Oh, if only you had one with an 'R' on it". That would do my head in.

  4. I love the hearts, my favourite is the one on the far right with the yellow, green and pink. They'd be sooooo cute in a baby's room, Christy xxxx

  5. You'll be able to do Christmas ones!

  6. Gorgeous Chris. My favourite is the last one you made. I reckon some neutral ones with lace etc would be popular too. Maybe calico?

  7. Yes my fav is the last one too

  8. A "side effect" of low carb eating is reduced appetite and reduced cravings... not a bad side effect huh? Well done though.

  9. I am thinking sachets but also a girly crib mobile. They could also be displayed on a stick of some sort, hung at varying heights, as wall decor. I think they will sell - they are gorgeous.

  10. They are so cute!


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