Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Today is Sandra's birthday...SORTA.

Her 'real' birthday is February 29th.. so most years she has to celebrate her birthday on the 28th.

She was kinda hoping for a particular birthday present from her hubby Neil... he gave her his present last night...

ABOVE:  She really, really wanted a new car... he gave her.... a dashcam!  Lol.

I think one day she will get the new car *smiles*

Today we are checking out another patchwork shop then meeting Chris D and Anne R for a birthday lunch for Sandra.

Then tonight Mike n Joyce are coming over for dinner.  I cooked pulled pork overnight and we are having it for dinner tonight. Sandra and Neil haven't tried it before, I hope they like it.


I'm busy.....

And now I'm not *smiles*.

Sandra did my nails before we left for lunch with Chris D and Anne R.

ABOVE: I have some Skinnies and some SNS. 

We had a lovely lunch at Robert Harris coffee shop.. then we went to a shop in town and bought these:

ABOVE:  They are little fans you plug into your portable battery pack! I got 5! They are friggin awesome.  Sandra got one. Lol

 ABOVE: we visited another quilt shop and I got just a little fabric...

 ABOVE: I ordered the pattern for this cute dog. Should get it in the next couple of weeks. 

ABOVE:  Sandra and Chris D trying their luck. 

Sandra also took me to the local Mitsubishi Dealership to drool over the car she wants to get.... SHE drooled... I laughed cos she's dreaming!

POOR NEIL... she's already worked out a deal with the salesman...

ABOVE:  SEE!!!!! She's a determined woman.   And IT IS HER BIRTHDAY AFTER ALL.

11.13 pm:  Mike visited us tonight... he just left. We had an awesome visit... just so fantastic to spend time with him.

I'm having dinner with him and Joyce tomorrow night.

But for now... it's bedtime.


  1. Enjoy your day - & Happy Birthday Sandra :-)

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hi I know how Sandra feels..I want an new car maybe a Subaru Outback...


    1. We LOVE our Subaru Outback. Great in snow! We live in Northern Minnesota where that is an issue about 6 months of the year!

  3. Got to love the 'new car'felling. I just brought myself a Toyota Koba for my 40th birthday. First time ever having a brand new car.

  4. Ps.... love your nails. Very pretty :)

  5. What shop did you get those fans Chris. That's exactly what I need. Are they able to stand on their own or hand held.

    1. From a shop called Banana something or other... it's like a $2 shop full of imported stuff. They were only $3.50! You can plug them into a portable power pack or yr computer or even yr phone charger I think. Gives a really good breeze

    2. They do not stand on their own but attatch to a power source. Portable power pack you would hold.

    3. Thanks Chris. I need one in the car so will have a look around those kind of shops down here.

  6. I like your nail. Very different. Like the opposite of a French Manicure.

  7. Haha she should have sent the pic to her hubby and told him she was buying herself a present.


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