Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've been noticing some things around this new house that I really like.

- There is a 'rapid heat' button on the oven, so instead of waiting 20-30 minutes for the oven to heat up to temperature, it takes about 3 minutes!

- I turn the button on the gas hob, and BOOM!  Instant flames. And I don't have to keep holding the button down for 10 seconds or more to keep the flame going.

- Double glazing is wonderful!  It really does keep the house warmer for longer.

- The 'door in door' feature in the fridge. It's pretty cute.

-  Ice and ice water on tap... not had that before.

- I'm loving having the laundry in the garage... so much room, instead of being in a little internal laundry that you can't swing a cat in.  (if ya had a cat that is !).

- Having easily DOUBLE the kitchen cupboards and a full height pantry.  

- Don't need to mention the HUGE kitchen bench eh?  ha ha

Starting to see a trend here?

KITCHEN ... it really is the most important room in the house, and I am loving our new kitchen.
And laundry.... cos well... I spend a good amount of time in there too.

Another thing: Stress.  What's that?  Seriously, I am so chilled out now!  It just goes to prove moving house really is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life.

Right up there with other major life stresses that's for sure.

So, it's the last day of June today.  JUNE has been a very BUSY month for us!  I'm glad we are moving into a new month tomorrow with everything, well almost everything, DONE.  We have settled in and are so very happy.

Who knows.... I might get some sewing done in July!  I have more UFO's than I remembered, so will be working on them FIRST... I will try and get one or two finished a month.

Stew has been in Auckland on business since yesterday morning, so I'm looking forward to him coming home tonight.

Sometimes I will be sitting here minding me own business, when I remember that I'm actually IN CAMBRIDGE, and I get a weird feeling like "REALLY?"  It's like I get this little map that flashes up and shows me where I am... and it gives me a shock!  I wonder how long that will last? *smiles*

For so long we were moving to HAMILTON.  lol

Right, I'm off to get dressed and most likely take the kids to school.  It's bound to be raining at 8 am.  


And would ya look at that, I forgot to update!
It's almost 4 pm, and I've just got home from picking the kids up from school.
It's another wet day here, probably the same all over the country.

This morning I went into town and met with a District Planning Officer to discuss if we could put up a carport.
Answer:  NO.
We are deemed 'rural', and anything closer than 15 metres from our front boundary has to have 'special dispensation', and she said there was no way we would get it.

Even the new houses down this end of the road had to be given special dispensation to be built on the subdivided land here.  So. No carport. 

We can lay more concrete to form a turning bay, so maybe we will do that, and Stew's car can go there.

After that I went to the supermarket and got a few things we were running out of.

Home.  Lunch.  Vacumed. All the usual stuff.

Winding down.  Stew got home from Auckland safe and sound.  It's nice to have him home again.  Now I will get a decent night's sleep again.  I never sleep well when he's away.


  1. Soooo jealous of that gas hob. I have one like you had and it's a piece of sh*t. I love that you are all so happy in your new home, you will have a wonderful life there.

  2. So good to hear you are settled and stress free! Enjoy your new place and Cambridge.

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  4. So happy for you Chris. Good to hear you're feeling so happy and settled.

  5. I wish I had that rapid heat feature on my oven, it's a 90cm oven so takes ages, and the bench space and the cupboards too. You sound so much happier since the move but that is understandable after all this time

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Chris, If you can't have a carport, what about a concrete pad with a waterproof shade sail, or a "temporary" car cover with a metal frame? Just a thought, love the way you decorated your new home. Heather

    1. Yep, certainly something to think about. Thanks. *smiles*

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh mate I am so pleased to hear those words from you loving the new home enjoying it, and NO STRESS. I was going to say shade sail or gazebo type awning thingy? ezy up? I hope you get to sew soon!

  8. How did the backing of the vehicle go?

  9. Anonymous2:54 AM

    How is Keera doing?
    Jo in Wellington

  10. Hi Chris, Great to hear you are enjoying your new abode so much. I'm not sure if this situation applies to your Council or not, but Jason owned a 'rural property' ( literally on the outskirts of Waihi, so more in town then out) and had a similar problem getting consent to put up a carport. Someone then suggested that he put up an archgola instead as they aren't considered permanent fixtures and if under a certain size, don't require a permit. He looked into it and sure enough, he could put up a single arch gola ( big enough for one car) and it effectively became his carport. I know different councils have different rules etc, but could be worth enquirying if you could have an arch gola instead.


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