Friday, June 17, 2016


Today we are not going to be unpacking all day.

-First up, Stew is taking a load to the dump.

-Brylee and Griffin are home as it's a 'Teacher Only Day'.

-After the dump run, we are going into Hamilton.

-Coco is booked in to the groomers at Animates in the city.

-While she is there, we will be having lunch.

-We will also get Griffin a haircut.

-After that, it will be time to finally do a grocery shop.  Now that we have both fridge/freezers going, we have room for frozen/fresh food.

-Hopefully by the time we have finished the grocery shopping, Coco will be ready for pick up.

-Then we will come home and get back into it.

-I will take photos of the new bed and other stuff when we get home.


4.00 pm:  Well we have been flat out all day... doing all we needed to in Hamilton.
Then it was home, put the groceries away, and now I'm sorting out the laundry area in the garage so I can actually do the washing!

Stew's gone down to Bunnings to get another shelving unit to put beside the sink in the garage for me to use.

We are hugely impressed with the Victoria Street Pak 'n' Save!   Amazing meat section.  Love that shop.

Right I shall get back to the laundry!

And it's pretty much done in there now.
So on to the next place... finishing as much as possible in the lounge.

Sorry I've not had time to take any photos today.

Coco looks GORGEOUS after her groom!
I will take a photo of her tomorrow as she's fast asleep right now. 

ABOVE:  My new laundry.  Everything in it's place, and a place for everything.  I'm very happy how it's come together.

Coro Street is nearly over, and then I am off to bed.  Stew and I both wanted to fall asleep at 6.30 pm!  I only stayed up cos of Coro Street!


  1. Pollyanna? Sorry I deleted your comment by mistake! My fingers are so tired they don't watch what they are doing anymore!

  2. Its about time you both had a day away from unpacking, you both need a break ( and food haha)

  3. Dying to see how Coco turned out.Did you like the new groomer as much as your old one?

  4. Wow I am tired just watching! I am glad that it seems to be going so well, and you are sounding very happy and contented.

    Loving the progress photos
    Mary in Tassie

  5. Yes the meat selection at clarence st pak n save is the best... and really good prices.

  6. Glad you are getting heaps done and had a sort of day off and now to await your visitors how exciting the boys will love it and the new house I'm sure ......

  7. Congrats on the successful move! You're getting through things quickly, well done - we still have 'stuff' to do / unpack / organise 3 1/2m in! Love the organisation of your laundry, might have to copy some of this (names on buckets...) xo M

  8. ahhh that looks like it feels great lol

  9. Boy that's a seriously organized laundry!!! lol


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