Monday, June 20, 2016


Today is the first day I get to spend ALONE at home.  Our new home.  Excited!

Stew is back to work and the kids are off to school.  

I'm going to tidy up after the weekend, then check the list of 'To Do's' and work on it.

I am dying to vacum and wash the floors!  We have done a bit of vacuming in the past week, but it really needs to be done thoroughly.  

I'm so happy to be almost at the tail end of everything.

Some photos taken yesterday:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex putting the shelf up in my bedroom.

ABOVE:  Little Archer sound asleep at midday yesterday.  He was exhausted from running (toddling) through the house.

ABOVE:  Steve working on my clothes line.  I can't wait to use it... how weird does THAT sound?  lol

ABOVE:  The linen in the spare bedroom.  Waiting to be sorted and put away in the new linen cupboard (on the right).  A great way to use a 'spare' double wardrobe. 

ABOVE:  The girls using the dog door from the garage for the first time.  They are still getting used to it.  I think they are finding it weird going through a solid wooden door, because they are still hesitant to go through it.

OK... time to go.  I've got a list and I'm going to work on it.


2.18 pm:  Well... today has gone to plan. I tidied up the house a bit, then I went into Hamilton.

I was on a mission.

To find the best garden centre.  I found two.

For pots and gifts, Palmers at Rototuna are great.

For plants, Wairere Nursery at Gordonton.

I like both of them.

I got some more blue pots for the front of the house, from Palmers.  And some garden bits 'n' bobs from Wairere Nursery:

 ABOVE:  two shell shaped pots, and a copper bird house.  

ABOVE:  This funky terracotta fish for the garden. 

I had a good time in Hamilton... but couldn't wait to get 'home' again.  HOME.  I really love this place!

It only took me 11 minutes to get from Cambridge to Hamilton... less time than it took to get almost ANYWHERE in Auckland!

I'm now going to relax for a little while, then do something about the house.  There is still heaps to do really... I have to sort out stuff in the garage... most of it is going up in the attic space above the garage.  But I want to know just what is there first.  I'm missing a few things, no idea where they are yet.

I've got WW tonight.  I have not done a blasted thing about my 'diet' yet...except to stop eating sweets/biscuits and the like.  Maybe it will show up on the scales?

I can hope eh?

SURPRISED!  I lost 3 kgs this week.  No doubt down to all the work I've been doing cos is sure isn't down to good eating!  I've been eating heaps of crap!  But NOT sweet stuff.  Let's see what I can do if I really try!

Winding down for the day now.  Chillin' out in front of the telly.  Everything else can wait till tomorrow.


  1. Have a great day Chris!!

  2. Love the pups. Hope you enjoyed your beautiful day.

  3. Your HOME is looking great!...jealous?..much!😊

    1. Don't be jealous chick! I'm the one who has to do the housework in this big house! *smiles*

  4. The linen pile looks hard case but I BET it will be whipped into shape soon, loving the pots and I know you will have so much fun shopping around JUST think no major traffic delays motorway madness snarl ups etc..... Yay

  5. Well done on the 3kg loss .... I'm not surprised. You would have done a mountain of exercise this past week with moving. :)

  6. Looks like you're settling in great. Your yard is so pretty and will be even more so with all the neat things you find.
    You're no longer JAFA! :)

  7. Nice work on the weight loss! You inspired me to join in Palmy... was disappointing, only 5 people were at the meeting, nothing like the good old days :(


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