Thursday, June 02, 2016


Only two things on my agenda today!

1. Buy more paint so we have enough to do the 'touch ups' just before we leave this home.
I want every mark, scrape etc painted over so the new owners come into a home that's spic 'n' span.

2. Empty and clean the fridge, as it gets picked up tomorrow night, and I don't want to leave that job till the last minute.

OH while I'm out I will get some groceries for the next few days too.
We are only buying what we need from now on... and by next Tuesday we will be having takeaways/hot bread shop/supermarket salads etc.  

Then I can clean the oven and microwave (there is a built in microwave here).  

Clockwork... tick tock... doing great!

Just in case ya lost count!
8 sleeps to go!

ABOVE:  Poor girls!
Tallulah has been a very naughty girl lately. She ATE the front door mat.  I've had to put it away.
She KNOWS something is going on.  I'm sure of it.  She's far too clever is Tallulah.  

Coco?  She's just a laid back girl.  Barks like crazy when she hears something, but otherwise she just sleeps her days away.


Paint - DONE
Groceries - DONE
Clean out the fridge - DOING.  What a shit job.

Dropped a full bottle of mayo on the floor.  Glass and mayo everywhere.  Grrrrr.

Coughing has stepped up a notch lately too.  Driving me nuts. Another grrrr.

Kids are due home soon, which is great cos they can lug all the fridge contents down to the garage so I can put it all in the spare fridge.

Legal and financial side of our move is ticking along nicely.  It's all about timing.  Our purchasers need to have their money in our account before we can pay for our Cambridge house.  And it all needs to be done by around 12 midday next Friday.  Cos that's when the trucks with all our household effects arrive at our new home.

Stressful... but manageable.

Tick -  tock - tick - tock!

ABOVE:  The aftermath of cleaning the fridge.  Ruined nails, wrinkled fingers.  But VERY CLEAN hands!

End of the day and everyone is in bed except me.  I'm about to go though.  It's really cooling down ... and shit it's 12.25 in the wee hours.  How did that happen?  I know.. I watched 'One Born Every Minute' .... derrr.
Best be off to bed RIGHT NOW.


  1. I always wonder how you know the exact shade of paint you need. Even if the walls are white - there are sooo many shades of white. How do you do these touch ups AND have the right color?

    1. When we first bought this home the previous owners left some paint here.... some of it was the internal wall paint. We will be doing the same thing when we leave here. We have inside and outside paint for our home's new owners.

    2. Anonymous2:59 PM

      you can always take a small chip of paint from the wall to most paint places or places like Bunnings and they will be able to colour match the paint for you so you are buying the right colour

  2. Oh dear, is Tallulah too sad about moving - it's in her eyes you know. Have you asked her how she feels about it?

    1. Oh TRACY! You are too funny! Yes, she is stressed out and sad I do believe. Hence her naughty behaviour. ha ha ha

  3. I think Tracey is right 🙃😏
    Wow this house moving is going fast now

  4. And the wheels of progress turn ever so slightly well done and fridges yuck alright, WE had -2 frost here felt like -4 so errrrr get ya mittens and warm gears ready ...

  5. Tick tock tick tock.... Can't believe how quickly those days are going by.....

  6. You are just too nice!! Getting the house ready for the new owners!

  7. How kind and considerate to have everything in ship shape for the new owners. Good luck with your move.


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