Saturday, June 04, 2016


I've got a little list of things to get today.

First and foremost, netting to affix to the post and rail fencing at our new home, to keep the dogs in.
That will be one of the very first jobs we do once we get there.

We are going to price attic drop down doors, a queen size mattress for the spare bed and a clothes line too.

AND I am going to try and find a lovely matching BLUE jug and toaster for the kitchen.

Hopefully it stays fine all weekend and the lawns dry out a bit.  They are far too wet to be mown right now.  

I know we don't need to be reminded... but... 6 DAYS TO GO!!
I can't help but put it up there.  *squeals*

I've looked at the photos of the house over and over again... so excited.  Placing furniture in me head, pictures on the walls... tick, tock...


I won't be posting a photo of me hair. I don't like it at all.  It's TOO blonde.  I'm thinking of going back and getting them to streak it with light brown to tone it down.  


 ABOVE:  New wooden boards for the kitchen...

 ABOVE:  We found the new jug and toaster!  Love love love the colour.

ABOVE: Dog doors for the new house.

We have Russell and Ange here for the evening... they were going to 'Spookers' but have changed their plans and are going home after dinner.

DINNER!  Pizza yum!

ABOVE:  Happy guests.  

I WAS going to book a glazier to come to the new house to install the dog door ... mentioned it tonight and ummm.... I forgot Russell is A GLAZIER!

Derrrr.  Upshot.  He's coming over on Saturday after we move in to install the dog door for us.  Cool! 

Right, Coronation Street is on tonight, so I'll bugger off now and relax for the remainder of the evening.


  1. Don't forget also that if you get the attic stairs, you need to reinforce the ceiling with boards so you can walk on it/store stuff on it. Steve and Stew would easily be able to do all of that :) Exciting, not long now.

    1. As we have a drop down door and attic storage in this house, we do know that Lynda. You are right Stew and Steve can easily do it.

    2. OK then that's great... didn't realise you had one already.

  2. Almost your anniversary too!

    1. Fancy remembering our Anniversary Julie! Yep, Monday will be married 29 years, the BIG 3-0 next year!

  3. 6 days wow THEN the hard yakka starts WHERE to put everything CANT wait for the pics so exciting stunningly cold here too ...

  4. So exciting eh!
    Love all your goodies, love the matchy matchy kettle and toaster combo!
    What is 'spookers?

    1. Ex-state Psychiatric hospital turned into an 'attraction', where you go through the building and encounter 'super scary' things... I haven't been there so don't know the exact details. Suffice to say if you like getting scared shitless, it's the place to go.

  5. I too love the colour of the toaster & jug. We are having pizza tonight too :-)

  6. I have the same set Chris, but in cream. Good luck with the move, will look forward to the pictures.

  7. You are getting SO much accomplished . Everything is so wonderful.


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