Wednesday, June 01, 2016


There was a comment left last night from 'ANON'.  It made me feel sad and annoyed.

Because I am 100% sure I know who it was from.  She has some 'tells' in her language that probably only I would pick up on, but maybe a few others too.  

BRYLEE and GRIFFIN are of course, not thrilled to bits to be moving schools.  BUT.  They have had a year to get used to the idea.  A year to grow up some more and be more 'adult' in their reaction to us moving.

They know it can't be helped, and we all have to make sacrifices now and then for our family.  It's called LIFE, and I am very proud of MY kids for how they are behaving.

They are looking forward to our move, because it means life will be settled again, and their DAD will not have to commute so far every day.

They love our new home.  They love that it means an adventure and a new life experience for them.  Kids adapt.  You can't protect them from every life event that might happen... and moving home/school is one of them.

They were not smiling, their eyes showed they were unhappy?  REALLY?

ABOVE: here's a few more from that same photo session.  What do their EYES 'say' now Anon?  The photo yesterday was the only one where they were not goofing off at each other, or being silly.

I wish nasty minded people would just keep their ignorant comments to themselves.  Cos clearly they don't know ME, or MY KIDS that well... if at all.

And it's worth noting, thousands of kids have to change schools every day in the world.  It's not like I'm sending them down a mine to dig for coal, or to a rubbish dump to find food! 

They are spoilt rotten kids.  They get virtually everything they desire, and more.  Poor darlings have to change schools??? OMG.  OUTRAGEOUS.

And on that note... I will change subjects.

Today I am ordering a Queen size bed for the new spare bedroom.
Usually when we have guests stay over, we make Brylee or Griffin get out of their bedroom so the visitors can have a bigger bed.  (OMG! Poor kids!)

But as we will have some spare cash, we are getting a bed for guests.  I'm looking at a queen size bed that has a base that lifts up, where you can store bedding under.  It's quite neat.

ABOVE:  it looks like I will be able to store quite a lot of spare blankets and duvets under there.  Excellent, as the one thing the new house doesn't have is a lot of storage.  

We will work on that issue once we are there.  Maybe put an attic ladder in the garage and use the roof space.  Not sure yet.  But we have plenty of time to work it out.

Whoop!  So excited.  WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!  It's JUNE... the month of our move.


Well... I let my fingers do the walking... luckily.  Cos not one Harvey Norman Store in the country has the bed I want to buy.  I want to actually SEE it before I buy it. The Hamilton Store is working on it right now, to see if they can get one for us to look at.

Weird that they advertise it, yet don't stock it.
Oh well, I'm sure it will work out eventually.

I had a rude awakening this morning!  A man phoned and asked to see the freezer I'm selling ... and he wanted to come at 7 am!  I'm like "Are you kidding?"  Nope.  He arrived, looked at it, and wanted to buy it right then and there.

I had to say NO, as there are people bidding on it, so the auction has to run it's course.  He wasn't that happy, but the rules with TradeMe are pretty precise.  After he left I crawled back into bed to warm up.

Today it's not raining, but it is freezing!  I turned both the heaters on.  Brrrrr.

Yaaa, just heard from Harvey Norman's in Hamilton, they are getting one of those beds in for us to look at... just after we move into the Cambridge home.  

Things are so falling into place for us... *smiles* (and about bloody time too)

An awesome day today, I got heaps done/accomplished.  I do believe I  have done virtually everything I need to, up till now.

I shall have to do a mail re-direction request ... but I'll do that in the next day or two.


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    You dont have to justify yourself to the crazies! your kids will cope fine moving areas/schools, like other kids do!

  2. Lorraine9:37 AM

    It upset me when I read the comment yesterday from Anon about B & G.I do not know you or your family personally but have followed your blog for years.You have put up with a lot of Shite from that person.You move heaven & earth for your family.I've been in the same situation with children having to move schools about 6 times in all.(2 were in S.C. year).B & G will enjoy their new adventure.Look forward to seeing you all settled in your new home.

    Southgirl x

    1. HI Chick. It ain't the person you are thinking of.

  3. I don't know why people can't be happy for you now you've got a house. Children move schools - it's not a big deal, and they have got a good supportive home life, they'll keep in touch with old friends via social media and they'll make new ones. Love the bed, hope you can get one.

  4. Anon can just crawl back under their rock. Firstly it is none of her bloody business, and secondly, how would she know whether the kids are happy or not from 1 photo oh and finally - IT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS!!!!! Anyone with half a brain knows how loved those kids are, and that they have been preparing for the shift for ages, they are teenagers, one minute they will be as happy as larry about it and the next minute will hate the world and you will be ruining their lives :-). Don't let the trolls get you down.

  5. I have that exact bed but in king size and from IKEA. We love it!
    Kids adapt. B and G will be just fine. Amin needs to butt her business out! Rude!

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM


    I had a good laugh at your reply to anon...I need a laugh..things are a bit stressful here with elderly parents etc...Brylee and Griffin look lovely in their uniforms. Take care


  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hi again, I was looking at the weight watchers site today and I noticed a lady from Hamilton weight watchers has lost about 41 kilos! I live in Aussie I like going to the group meetings but haven't been for years....might think about going again...


    1. Go for it chick! I'm starting again as soon as we get to Cambridge. 41 kilos is impressive! I want to lose that much again...

  8. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Bed looks great!! Kids look soooo unhappy (rolls eyes). Bugger off anon. Hope the freeze sells - had a laugh at the guy coming at 7am!!! I start work at around 6.15am these days & regularly seem to be waking up my customers (who mind you made a 7am booking & are still in zzzzzzzzzzzz)

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Hi again I like the cover on the that picture from Harvey Norman ?


  10. Ignore "anon"....of course your kids know the situation. I think their new life will be wonderful.

    YES get the attic stairs, they are not expensive and soooooo useful and easy to access :)

    1. Yes definitely get attic stairs. We have them and even though we don't have to access the roof very often it is so much easier. I thought the insulation guy was going to hug me when I told him we had those :-). Made his job so much easier, the 2 guys argued over who got to do the roof vs who got to crawl under the house.

  11. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hi Chris

    Could I ask you a favour ? could you find out the name of the coverlet/bedspread on the bed ? I have been trying to look and cannot find it...maybe they can order me one here in Aussie.



  12. Those kids will do just fine with a move. No worries! That looks like a great storage bed. I usually see them with drawers - but the drawers are so small. This technique gives you WAY more storage space!

  13. Let's cast our mind back to when our mum made us pose for photos as teenagers...I had a face like a slapped arse too! :D But they looked fine in the pic.
    Moving school sucks a bit but not as much as never seeing your dad!

  14. My eyes get that dead look when DH asks for sex. 😂

  15. Good lord some people nothing better to do. 9 days holy moly! Chris just think Stew home from work sooner rather than later no more travelling no more packing JUST unpacking and finishing touches and making things just so and then the outside you ARE going to be in PIGS heaven!

  16. Just went back and read the comment made by annon. Dam the amount of times we moved as kids and we all turned out ok....B and G will be fine they will make more friends create more memmories. .. familys move for the good of the family...... it will all work out... GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME...

  17. Griffins eyes crack me up in those pictures, and Brylee looks like she is trying not to crack up laughing. Yep - they are miserable!


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