Sunday, June 26, 2016


Today the guys are making the two garden sheds, rain or not.

There's a few other jobs on the list, but all I really want done is shelving in the sewing room wardrobe.  Then I can get it properly finished and I will be like a pig in mud. 

ABOVE:  The little Harvey boys, playing with the new toys.  They love them as much as Amanda and Andrew's kids, and Keera.

ABOVE: The two solar lights the guys mounted by the driveway last night.  Hopefully I can now tell which is our driveway when I come home in the dark.

Well, time to get moving, and supervise the jobs!  Oh and play with little boys of course.  *smiles*


Well... clearly I slept in! Poor Steve is out in the pouring rain assembling garden sheds. I feel dreadful. It's so cold and wet today. He really is a wonderful son!

Dante had coco pops for breakfast, and now he's hyper energetic and all over the place.  Archer is having a ball chasing the dog's tails, they seem to be irresistible!  

ABOVE:  My sewing room is a mess again, as I've had to haul everything out of the wardrobe so Steve can make the shelves later on today.  That's Bex and Archer tidying up my wool. 

Well OK, Archer isn't really helping, in fact he got all tangled up himself and had to be rescued!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  The boys watching Stew and Steve building the first shed.
Once it's made, Steve is doing my shelves, then if he has time he will assemble the 2nd shed.

 ABOVE: Tallulah has spent a lot of time growling... she didn't recognise the guys in their raincoats! 

ABOVE:  The weather is so fickle today.  Torrential rain, then lovely sunshine. When it rains it's bloody freezing!

ABOVE:  the solar lights in the daytime, charging up in the sunshine.

ABOVE:  The first shed almost finished, with Dante driving around on the baby motorbike.  He put the first little dent in the shed!

 ABOVE:  Sadly this bike runs on a recharge battery, so it doesn't last for long, maybe an hour?
Just enough time to have fun.

ABOVE: Bex made a lovely banana cake for afternoon tea.   Steve put the shelves up in my sewing room after the first shed was made, then he went out and made the 2nd shed.

The 2nd shed didn't take as much time as the first one.  

I've got chicken casserole in the oven for dinner.

Steve, Bex and the boys are leaving for home after dinner.

Then it will be time to relax for the evening and  watch two programmes we've been following, that are ending tonight.   Blindspot and The Family... both have been very interesting to watch.


  1. Another suggestion for finding your house in the dark - you can buy (don't know where from though) reflective numbers that you put by the kerb so that when your light shine on them your number glows. Good for others who are looking for your property!!

  2. Here's a link to what I'm talking about -

  3. I see your new house doesn't have a fire place? How do you keep your house warm inside? Everything is looking so stunning.

    1. There is a heat pump in the family room, wall heaters in the bedrooms and it's quite a warm house due to it having double glazing. The lounge is a bit colder so we are thinking of getting a heat transfer system to take warmth from the family room to the lounge... OR we might get a heat pump for the lounge.

  4. Awwww the house is looking lovely and the boys look cute as, Nice solar lights and yes reflective numbers great idea, Crack up at the wool helping toddler!


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