Friday, June 24, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from 'A' from next door.  She lives with her hubby, 'C'.  They are both retired.

Anyway, she is a sewer/quilter like me, she's been doing it for a similar amount of time as me too.

She came over to invite me to go with her next Monday to one of the quilting groups here in Cambridge.  Of course I said 'Yes'.  *smiles*

She was lovely for coming over and inviting me.
So far we have meet three of our neighbours.  

Today I am actually at the 'titivating' stage!!!
You know, tweaking things, moving things, hanging things, admiring things... lol.

And doing some housework.  The washing needs to be done and hung on drying racks, it's too wet outside to hang it... HANG IT!

Ha!  My new clothesline is not up yet.  So it has to be racks for now.

I don't mind DARLING... I know it's been too dark when you get home to get it up.  *smiles*

At some point today I shall be ringing around for an Electrician to come and do some work here.  We desperately need more power points!
I can't believe how few there are here.
Oh and we would like some lights above the kitchen sink.  At the moment when you stand at the sink you have lights behind you, and you are working in shadow.

So hopefully I can get someone to visit early next week.

Now, how about some photos from last night?  Yeah.... you know you want to see 'em!

ABOVE:  Gotta love this set up!  Littlies at the bench, Bigs at the table.  *smiles* 

 ABOVE: Master Smiley... little Liam ... what a poser!  He loves having his photo taken.

 ABOVE:  Cutie Emily... another cheesy smiler!

ABOVE:  Little Miss Muppet, giving me one of her reserved smiles.

 ABOVE: I just bought these new toys for the toy box.  The three of them loved them and played with them for ages.

ABOVE:  there's some advantages of having a lovely long kitchen!  They made a lot of noise, but were so happy!

Well... that's it for now.
I plan on being much lazier today!


Well I have been pottering around, got the washing on... feeling very content with my lot today.

 ABOVE:  Our bedroom.  When we bought the house, we thought the master bedroom was fairly small.  How did we get that so wrong?  It's huge!

 ABOVE:  Taken from our bedroom ranchslider.  Looking back ... that window in the distance is the Kit/Din/Family room.

 ABOVE:   Looking the other way.  As you can see, all our neighbours are a nice distance away.  And shielded by hedges, so it's quite private.  Well... except for the neighbour directly behind us.  I hope that hedge grows taller!

They have NO curtains, which we find a bit weird.  We can watch their big screen TV from our kitchen!

ABOVE:  It's a funny day today, some rain, then beautiful sunshine.  Ha ha, I fink that's called SHOWERS.  lol

I popped down the road this morning to get a few little things... and as I walked up the main shopping street there was a rather elderly lady coming towards me.
She was smiling at me, so I smiled back.

Then she said "Nice bosoms".

Now just what do you say when an old lady says THAT to you?

A myriad of ideas came to mind, but in the end I just said "Thank You"... and continued my walk!

It gave me a right chuckle.  *smiles*   

After lunch today I just kinda wound down... lost any energy I might have in reserve... so lay down and had a nap.

It wasn't really a good idea, cos you always wake up feeling like shit.

But... I am fine again now.  Dinner is on, washing is on and I'm looking forward to a lovely evening, Coronation Street is on.  Yaaa hoo.


  1. Home is where the heart is.

  2. Great shots of the kids. How wonderful to have a quilter next door and to be going to a group next week. Souunds like a nice neighbourhood.

  3. How nice is that, your new neighbour invited you to go to the quilting group with her, fab...lovely photos of the children playing. Enjoy your new home, looking forward to the pictures when you have it just how you want it.

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Man that rhino on your bed is cool ☺ haha bex

  5. How exciting, you have lovely neighbours and you have a new sewing group already - go you :-).

    The three kids all look happy and are growing so fast.

  6. Haha... actually you don't hear the word "bosom" much now - it used to be common place when I was young. That's funny :)

  7. nice bossoms! gold. that made me laugh too. House is looking like a home :-)

  8. Haha Well what else can you say

  9. Cambridge is certainly a very friendly place isn't it. I think "Thank You" is the best response :-)

  10. christine5:46 PM

    When I was in weight watchers they talked about how to receive a complement. If someone notices your weight loss and says it looks good., you are NOT supposed to say " oh no. I still have more to lose" or anything else. She always told us to just say thank you. I have used that myself a few times in odd situations. That is a super cute story though.

  11. Crack up comment ...... love it. So pleased you are at the titvating stage and might be able to relax soon yay. Have a lovely weekend in your new house.

  12. Your new house looks so lovely. Awesome garden too!

  13. Sounds like my kind of night, enjoy! Gardens are just lovely.

  14. Your house looks great!! I still have stuff to sort from moving over two years ago!! lol


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