Thursday, June 16, 2016


Dragged myself out of bed this morning... feel like I've run a marathon!
But of course I haven't... just unpacking, unpacking.... moving stuff from one place to the other... such fun.

But we are making good progress.

This morning we are expecting the new spare bed and lounge suite to arrive... then we will be set for visitors.

We have Steve, Bex and the boys coming this weekend.  Staying over Saturday night all going well.
We have a few jobs lined up for our builder son!  Like set up my computer!  lol
Yeah, nothing to do with building.

But there are a couple of jobs he can do ... like put shelves in the spare bedroom wardrobe so we can use it for linen.

 ABOVE:  Tallulah found a new chew toy.  A baby's dummy (pacifier).  It was almost impossible to get a photo of it in her mouth, but I managed to get one slightly blurry one!

ABOVE:  This is my job/mission today.  Start on the ornaments/china boxes.  So much of it is going to Hospice!

We are being REALLY RUTHLESS and getting rid of heaps!  We have already taken two car loads down to the local Hospice shop, and my car is already loaded up to the roof with the 3rd load!

I expect Stew will continue to work in the garage today, and assemble the new bed when it gets here.

So... that's all for now... I will be back later.


1.25 pm:  Stew and I have been working since around 8 am this morning.  We are kinda breaking the back of it now.

 ABOVE:  I think I've got all of the china and ornaments out of the sewing room now.

ABOVE:  Most of what I'm keeping is on the floor... and there are two more huge boxes full going to Hospice.  But they will have to wait cos me car is full to the roof with stuff we are taking down there in a minute.

We will take time out for some lunch while in town, then come back and put the lounge suite together...

ABOVE:  It's in it's place, won't take long to put it together.

ABOVE:  When the lounge suite arrived the guys brought in the big Ottoman too.

I was like.. WHOOPS!  We didn't pay for that!
So I quickly rang the shop and was told that it did indeed come with the suite!

The saleslady who sold us the suite told us the Ottoman was an 'extra' $300.  Seems she was wrong.

I'm really happy about that, cos I did want the Ottoman, but thought it was an added expense we didn't need.

 ABOVE: Stew has literally finished in the garage!  On the side where my car will go is all the stuff that will be going up in the attic or in a garden shed.  

Off for lunch now!

9.22 pm:  Well, we got a huge amount done this afternoon.  Stew made the new lift up spare bed.  I put heaps of ornaments into display cabinets... not in their final places, but they are IN for now.

We are again both exhausted, and will be going to bed fairly early.


  1. Lol. When we moved from alderson road to wall street we took 7 loads in my premacy to hospice shop... It was great getting rid of stuff.have fun.

  2. I'm not surprised that you feel like you have run a marathon but you look like you are making good headway.

  3. Try 2 marathons I bet you are having so much fun though and good score on the ottoman blankets knee rugs? more linen space etc pillows GREAT progress in that garage wow AND imagine a SPA now did you sell the Spa with the old house or bring it with you?

    1. The Spa stayed withe the house. We have no intention of getting another one as we hardly used our Auckland one!

  4. You all are working your magic and it definitely shows.

  5. What a pleasant surprise - having the ottoman show up! Are you happy with the new home so far? Any interesting neighbors? Have the kids come home with any school stories? It looks and sounds like everything is coming together quickly and smoothly. How long is Stew's drive to work from the new place?

  6. We are very happy with our new home. The neighbours seem nice so far. The kids are still settling into the new school. Griffin is not happy, but he has to give it time. As Stew hasn't gone to work from here yet, we don't know how long it will take. *smiles*

  7. Wow you are doing ab amazing job!

  8. Isn't it funny how you get rid of a bunch of stuff before you move and then you do the same thing once you are unpacking. I do it every time!

  9. Anonymous9:01 PM


    You are doing a great job, hopefully Griffin will be ok soon, as least he has Brylee there as well...


  10. Tons of progress! WTG!

  11. Poor Griffin. There is NO way to make a move like this and have everyone perfectly happy. I hope things are better in time.


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