Friday, June 03, 2016


Stew only has one more big commute to go TODAY.... then in two weeks he will be living so much closer to his work!

He's got two weeks off work after today.

Which will be awesome as he will be here for the move,  and then in Cambridge to help with the settling in.

We are both hanging out for it to be over, so we can stop living in limbo.

Now... today I've got a hair appointment.  Going totally blonde.  No tin foil frostings this time, that takes 3 hours.  I'm going for a 'block' dye.  I've only ever done that once before and I did it myself and came out kinda YELLOW.  But I'm hoping having a block dye job cuts down on the time I'm stuck in the chair.

Hopefully the hairdresser gets it right and I come out 'ash blonde'.  Time will tell eh?

After the hair appointment, I'm going to have a browse around Harvey Norman's, looking at mattresses for the spare bed.  Oh and Stew said I can 'probably' get a new matching toaster and jug.  I would LOVE a blue set for the new kitchen. 



It is really, really starting to get real. 7 sleeps to go.


I had a totally new experience this morning.
It was about 5 am and I was dreaming.  In the dream something funny happened and I started laughing.  So much so that Stew woke up!
It took me ages to stop laughing, it was really  hard to get the funny dream out of my mind so I could go back to sleep!

I'm pretty sure I have never had that happen before!  Anyone else woken themselves up by laughing in your sleep? 

It really was funny and weird.  I don't think I've laughed like that in years.  It felt good.

2.00 pm:  Well what can I say about having a 'block' dye job?  Going totally blonde BURNS.  And STINGS.   And I doubt I will ever do it again!
Seriously, I was sure I was getting burnt and totally expected to see blisters on me head.

But no, seems to be OK.  Bit too blonde too I think.  If I get a moment I will show you.  Later.

Right now I'm expecting a man to arrive to pick up the chest freezer I sold on Trade Me.  And later on tonight the fridge is going too.  Really glad they have both sold... there's so many on the market ... I didn't expect them to go!

But they did sell, and I will be putting the cash into something for our new home.

10.27 pm:  Coronation Street is interesting tonight.  Will Peter die?  Will Tyrone find out about the shonky floor?  Looking forward to tomorrow night's episode.


  1. I've had a few laughing dreams and they are so great, you wake up feeling good. My husband has woken me up and said what's so funny and started laughing too. 7 days Chris!!! Yay!!!

  2. That's a very good way to wake up! Certainly gets the day off to a good start.

  3. I have woken myself up crying...... that wasnt nice

  4. I have height phobia. Once I dreamt I lost my footing and fell off somewhere high and woke up screaming as I fell. My knees felt like jelly!

  5. Woohoooooo!!!! Seven days! So excited for you. And Stew, mustn't forget Stew! I'm sure the kids are excited too. Can't wait to see your hair.

    1. I won't be posting a photo cos I don't like it! It's TOO blonde.

  6. First time in ages Coro is moving fast! I don't think Peter will die. Fuckface has to be found out surely. Evil prick he is! I feel sorry for Jason. Will be interesting to see how that works out.


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