Sunday, June 19, 2016


First up for the day, some photos of our outdoor endeavors from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  The front door area now.  When we bought the house there was NOTHING in the gardens or at the front door at all.  Now it looks inviting.

ABOVE: I had fun directing where everything went out the back.  I will be taking out all the buxus and camelia plants and putting in native grasses, agave's and succulents.

 ABOVE:  The back yard.  It's a gorgeous area.

ABOVE:  looking back at the house... there's more to the right but it wouldn't fit in!  I might have to invest in a wide angle lens.

ABOVE: To the right is our bedroom, with a concrete area where I've put the two chairs and a little white table.  What you can't see is the two racks of washing on the concrete too. lol

ABOVE:  His nibs taking a break.  It didn't last long before he was off doing the next task.

Now... today.

The guys have several jobs lined up.  Getting shelves in the 'new' linen cupboard, a dog door in the internal garage door, and hopefully they will get the new clothes line up.  

While all that is going on, Bex and I will do some smaller jobs around the house, while looking after the little boys.


 ABOVE:  Pictures are slowly getting hung...

ABOVE:  working, working....

 ABOVE:  Yaaa... a dog door in the internal garage door.  Now we can keep that door closed to keep in the warmth, and the dogs can come and go from the house to the garage, to outside.  THANKS STEVE, you just earned your dinner!

 ABOVE:  Kelly gave me a house warming gift... the very cute blue star picture.  She used assorted blue buttons... very nice.  THANKS Kelly.

So grateful ... the guys got all of this weekend's jobs done. 

- The dogs can come and go from the house to the yard now.

- We will have a usable clothes line by tomorrow night.
- We have a new 'linen cupboard'.

- We have a lovely wood shelf in our bedroom to match the one that was already in there.

- My PC is up and running, but we need to get a booster so it will work faster.

I have hung 90% of the paintings and so on, so the house is really starting to feel like 'home' now.

4.36 pm and we are all winding down and relaxing for the rest of the day.
I'm cooking dinner, something simple like sausages and veges, then Steve, Bex and the boys will be going home to Auckland.

Dinner went well... I'm really enjoying the new kitchen... SO MUCH ROOM!
All quiet here now, everyone is in bed and I'm about to go too.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    You guys need a trampoline and a swing set for the grandies!

  2. I dislike trampolines ... too many accidents can and do happen on trampolines.

  3. Oh cool it got hung.. took me ages to make that.. but so worth it... glad you like it...

  4. your new house looks awesome!.... and what talented kids you have :)

  5. Awww it's coming along beautifully! LOVE the button stars, very special xx

    1. Thanks Sharnee it took me 3 months to make as I had to find just the right buttons for it and then glue it all together and then find the right frame. then hade to make the shadow box for the backing... just glad mum liked it Enough to hang it.

    2. It's lovely Kelly!! You made a great job of it!!

    3. I really do love it Kelly! Handmade makes it so extra special :)

  6. The outside of the house looks fabulous and the inside is coming along nicely hope you got most of your jobs ticked off the list...

  7. Love,love the doggie door! Love the flower beds too and the yard is awesome. it will be so nice when you are all caught up and can rest and enjoy.

  8. I see another archgola and a swimming pool!! If money was no object of course :) it's alll looking great.

  9. christine5:34 PM

    It looks like your daughters and daughter in law, might have a bit of your craftiness in them. The star fish artwork is really nice, and perfect for you in color and content.

    1. Thanks Christine I enjoyed make the starfish picture..... stitching each button on, then glueing... but I loved each moment.

  10. What a difference all your touches make to the graden, and that seat looks like a nice place to relax. It's looking really homely now.

  11. You've all done an amazing job getting as much done as you have this week. It won't be long before you will be able to return to a normal routine and enjoy your home without the stress of major "to do" lists lurking. Well done! (The garden looks amazing - I can imagine summer barbecues with all your family there - just beautiful!)

  12. I love the blue touches everywhere. Kelly knew just what sort of gift to give too, didn't she? So inviting! You've made tons of progress!


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