Wednesday, June 15, 2016


No photos yet today.

We are very slowly settling in.... a process that will take a few months I think.

Today's mission is to finish sorting out the lounge and actually MAKE MY BED!  

Virtually every ornament, painting and the non essential bits 'n' bobs are still in boxes, waiting for me to find time to unpack them.

I'm not in any hurry to do that either.  It can all wait till all the pressing stuff is done.

Stew wants to get into the garage and try and make some sense of everything that's in there!
It's a shambles... you can't even walk through it now.

Yesterday Stew ordered two garden sheds, to put down the side of the house.  We will keep all the garden tools, lawn mower and so on in it.

He also ordered a drop down ladder for the garage ceiling.  Then we can use the attic space for storage.  All of that should happen in the next month or so, as the sheds and ladder won't be here for about a fortnight.

Even if we can get everything in the garage onto just one side it would be good.  Then we can set up the laundry and gym equipment.

The dogs are enjoying the extra long hallway, they race up and down at full speed!  Then they stop and sniff like crazy!  It will take a while for the previous owner's smells to abate, and for our's to take over.  Until then, the dogs go crazy sniffing everywhere!

We need to get a path through the clutter in the garage so they can get outside for bathroom needs on their own.  That would be wonderful.

Right, there's not much else to yabber on about right now, so I'll go.


Clearly we have been busy!  No update all day... *smiles*
I got all the boxes in our bedroom unpacked and Stew has working in the garage all day.

We took a break at midday and took a load to the Hospice Shop, then had lunch.
When we got home I literally crashed and had to take a nap!
I'm so, so exhausted... and I ache all over!

This moving lark is a killer.

I've just woken up and still feel like death warmed up.  But, I will carry on, cos it won't all get done on it's own eh?

ABOVE:  It may not look like he's done much today, but he HAS!  You can see the floor... and actually walk through the garage now.

 ABOVE:  On this side of the garage is the laundry... Stew cut down a shelving unit so the dryer would fit in it. The table will be my washing sorting area, once it's cleared.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  This corner of the lounge will have the sofa bed lounge suit in it by lunchtime tomorrow.  

I have hung a few pictures, simply to get them out of the way!  Though that flower one will be staying there. 

Ummm.... where is everyone today? Are ya all sick of our unpacking?  😊

Another day winding down... so ready for bed!  Another day of doing over 10,000 steps!


  1. It certainly is a process. I would love to see the pups checking it all out. lol Hope the kids are having good luck with school?

  2. *Waves Chris* ... Hi, I'm here! I can't believe how quickly you are getting everything sorted - I can fully understand why you're exhausted. I hope that you and Stew can give yourselves a day off the unpacking soon.

    1. Stew and I are the same in thinking that once it's all done we can relax. It is getting there! I can see the floor in most rooms now.... well almost in some. I had a nap today cos I was feeling dreadful. Getting old!

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM


    You are both doing a great job !! are you using the garage for just your dryer ? I do that too....although my garage is cold !!

    Cheers Peta

  4. I'm not sick of the unpacking! Am enjoying seeing how you are setting up!

  5. We are here, hope you having fun.

  6. I love to see how your going. It looks like a very large house.. cant wait to see it when your furniture is all in its place xx

    1. It is 260 square metres. So a good size.

  7. boy in a few more days you will have done so much more and things will be tickety boo...

  8. I like that table in you lounge room. Very unique

    1. My Dad got it on a visit to Hong Kong about 34 years ago, and got it shipped back here.

  9. You are a unpacking machine, can't believe how quickly you are settling in and making your house your home

  10. I don't mind packing but unpacking is a chore! I love your new home.

    1. Yeah, I thought the unpacking would be the easy part! WRONG!!

  11. You're making great progress. I enjoy looking at your photos. I moved a year ago and I seem to constantly reshuffle and clear out things we no longer use or need. Funny with this house I feel like it's taken me a year to feel like it's ours. I want to repaint some rooms soon as the colours make the house feel too dark. Pinterest has become my favourite place to go and day dream looking at all the lovely houses and gardens.
    All the cleaning, packing, moving and sorting will be keeping you both fit without you realising it. Take care, and it will be nice to see you both with your feet up one day soon. Cheers Glenys

  12. You know that once you have unpacked & got everything sorted you will then continuously faff around rearranging things won't you :-).

  13. You guys are doing everything right! Getting sheds for storage, getting the doggies all set up, everything looks fabulous!


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