Sunday, June 05, 2016


Today we are off to visit the owners of our new home in Cambridge.

It's our 'final' inspection, and a chance to ask them questions about the house... alarm, heating and so on.  
I want to find out what sort of fruit trees are on the property too.  There's quite a few.  3 are figs... 2 of which might be getting the chop!


It's getting so close...  We are sooooo looking forward to having this over with.
I'm mega excited to be visiting the house again today, it will be our 3rd time through the front door. 

Hopefully I can take a few more photos of the house/yard too.  

Last night my head felt a bit sore... so I ran my fingers over my scalp.  DANG!!!!!   I've been burnt by the hair bleach!  Luckily it's 'just' over about 1|4 of my head.  On the side they started on, so the area that had the bleach on the longest.
CLEARLY I will never be doing that again!

*sigh* this means I will have to wait a while till I can get something done to tone down the barbie blonde.  Bugger.


5.18 pm:  And we've had an awesome, productive day.

It was lovely to meet the owners of our new home... and their 3 cute little kids.  
We got all our questions answered and so on.  We have 3 plum trees, 3 fig trees, a lemon tree, a lime tree, 2 olive trees, a feijoa tree and a rhubarb patch.

We mentioned how we probably wouldn't be keeping two of the fig trees, so they asked if they could get them professionally removed and replanted on their new property?  We said 'HELL YES'... so they will be going with them.  Yaaaa, we don't have to get them removed.

I couldn't possibly take any photos today as the house was in total chaos, with them packing to move on Tuesday.  Only everything she packed up in a box, one of the kids came along and unpacked it for her!  It was a case of "Where's the floor?" in every room!  
Poor guys, I know how hard it is to move and juggle little kids. 

At least for us, this time, our household only consists of two teenagers, who can help.

While in Hamilton, we bought the mattress for the new bed (half price), an electric blanket for it (it's bloody cold in the Waikato!),  and we also got this:

ABOVE:  we wanted a sofa bed for the lounge, and ended up getting this suite.  It will fit in the new lounge nicely.  We didn't get the Ottoman, as we have a lovely coffee table to use in the lounge.  
It's been in storage for almost 8 years!  I can't wait to use it again.

So, a very good day.  We are getting the new bed and lounge suite delivered to our new house after we move in.  

It's all coming together so well.

Having dinner shortly, then settling down to relax for the evening.


  1. That's very bad that your scalp has been burnt. Negligence on the hairdressers part. You need to say something to them.

  2. Don't wash your hair, let your scalp heal. My daughter is bald in 4 places on her scalp due to a hairdresser nightmare in August last year with bleach. The Dr prescribed medicated shampoo which caused ulcers in her scalp and she lost her hair. Daily we are still trying to promote regrowth through massage and new treatments. Had we have left it and allowed the skins natural oils to heal the scalp we wouldn't be in this mess. Hairdressers should know better!!! I'm sorry that happened to you Chris, let them know and demand your money back.

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your head. I hope it heals quickly for you. Have an enjoyable day in Cambridge :)

  4. Sounds like a very productive day. Removal of the fig trees works well both ways. Your land must be massive to have all of those fruit trees

    1. Our new section is 1112 square metres, so about double the size of what we have right now. Not HUGE by any means, but a nice size.

  5. We bought a similar couch for our lounge and it is really comfy to sleep on. Many times there's at least one extra of Samysons friends sleeping on it. I think the most was 5 at a time.

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Yes I agree with the others you need to complain and you need to go to the Dr and have an assessment, so you can go back to the hairdresser...also take photos, you may need to make a claim on their insurance if any happens..good everything is going well with the house...


  7. Wow what a productive day yo have had LUCKY you all those fruit trees.... Love the lounge suite.


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