Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Anyone else find 'Lucifer' on TV rather interesting?  It's a new programme on channel 1.  Stew and I are enjoying it... it's a bit weird.

I opened with that cos seriously, I don't have too much to yabber on about yet!

Oh! WW result?

How about a LOSS of 1.5 kgs?  

Not bad eh?

Now to repeat it this week!

I had planned on going to Auckland today, but it's just wet and miserable out there, and I don't feel like going anywhere.

I will potter around here, there's still heaps I can keep myself busy with.

Catch ya later...


Stupid, stupid, fickle weather!  One minute pissing down, the next blue skies and sunshine.

I decided to do lots of housework today.  I've vacumed and swept the floors, and am about to wash them.

I've had to lock the dogs outside cos they are underfoot ALL. THE. TIME.

Had to do some furniture moving, because when the electrician was here yesterday he noticed I've put a shelving unit in front of the fuse box in the garage.

Apparently that is a big NO NO!  So ...

 ABOVE:  I moved it to there, and put this in it's place...

ABOVE:  The white marble top unit.  I had it listed for sale on TradeMe, but just withdrew it as it fits there perfectly!

Rather happy about that.

Now... back to those floors. 

3.17 pm:   And the floors got done, then I spent 5 solid hours doing another  job.  It was tough.  It was VERY tiring.  But I did it!

Until Stew gets home and see's it, I will not say what 'IT' was.  Suffice to say,  I'm a very happy girl right now!

I had a big win today!  The recycling box here is VERY SMALL, so I have been putting all our plastic drink bottles and milk bottles in a huge plastic bag.  I WAS going to melt them down so they took up less room, but it was taking too long to melt them with the heat gun.

So, when the recycling truck turned up this afternoon I ran out and asked if he would take all my bottles?

He said "Yes", so I quickly ran (nah, kinda hurriedly walked) back to the garage and grabbed them.  What a relief.  Now I just have to make sure I'm home on a Tuesday afternoon so I can do that every couple of weeks!  *smiles*

Well I'm utterly shattered tonight.  Everything aches.  Not staying up too late that's for sure.

I will be having a much easier day tomorrow.


  1. Excellent news on the weight loss! Everything looking really great and I'm so jealous of your sewing room!!

  2. woohoo!!! 1.5kg, great start :-)

    1. START? Sheesh... did ya know I lost 3.0 kgs in the first week? So I have now lost 4.5 in two weeks. Quite happy with that!

  3. Wow 1.5 thatd awesome mum.. keep it up.

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    FWIW, I think Lucifer is absolutely fabulous. Not flawless but hugely entertaining. So pleased they're picked up for season 2, and very happy they're bringing Tricia Helfer on board. She has been criminally under-used since Battlestar Galactica. Also, congrats on surviving the move. I've just done it myself and it really is shattering.

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  6. Congrats on the loss. Sun shinning here in Auckland :)

  7. Hi Chris

    Congrats on the weightloss. I have watched the first season of Lucifer and I loved it ...


  8. OMG I love Lucifer! He's pretty cool for the Devil. Haha.

  9. yep, Lucifer can definitely tempt me :) Love the show and so glad they've picked it up for a 2nd season too.

    Well done Chris on the weight loss side of things and wow, you've really moved in now haven't you, still nesting though and I think you will for quite a while as you settle in and find out all the quirks and kinks to the new place.

    How is Stew liking the new commute?

    And Steve, congrats on how handy you are, love seeing all the things you're putting together there for your mum :)


    1. Stew is LOVING the new commute! It takes him about the same length of time as his commute to his Auckland office from home (in Auckland). And when he was commuting to and from Auckland to Hamilton every day, he was having to gas his car up twice a week. NOW? He's been commuting for two weeks from our new home to work and he still hasn't had to put petrol in his car! HUGE saving there.

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I Love LUCIFER quirky and funny. Stew also would be spending less downtime in the car so its a win win... less petrol more time at home and soon no more jobs for everyone and you can ticky tour around...... its me Blondie today the blog wouldn't let me use me own name?

  11. Damn... I bet you miss that big recycling bin! Can you phone the local council and ask what you can do? Perhaps they'll give you more bins? Perhaps you can put the extra out in a bag?

  12. Congrats. on your weight. I know that makes you happy. I am so happy for Stew too. Not having to drive so much takes a load of stress off.


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