Sunday, June 12, 2016


Well of course we will be doing more unpacking and sorting today!

There is just so much to do.

 ABOVE:  The very first painting to be hung.  I had worried about it getting damaged during the move, but luckily it's fine.

 ABOVE:  Steve is like me, he dislikes anything being uneven!  If I had a level like he has, I would do that too.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  It just gets more congested in here!  Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we will actually be able to use the kitchen bench!
Oh, and eat off plates.  I've still not found the dinner set.

 ABOVE: The garage... Something tells me my car won't be parked in there for quite some time.

 ABOVE:  Ummm... this is the lounge.  Yep.  Got heaps to do in here.

 ABOVE:  Steve fixing my pantry shelving.

ABOVE: Done.  No more sagging and now it has 'compartments' for differing types of food items.

I think it's neat.  THANKS STEVE.

This morning we are expecting our son Russell to pop in.  We are giving him our green lounge suite.  It's being replaced with a corner lounge suite, one that incorporates a sofa bed.
So, we will have plenty of room if we have visitors staying overnight.

Once he's been we are going to take a break from all the unpacking and go into Hamilton.
We want to view the Queen Bed we have ordered from Harvey Norman's, and if it's as good as it looked online, we will buy it.
Hopefully we will get it, and the lounge suite, delivered in the next few days.

We also have a small list of other things we want to get, so will work on that while in Hamilton too. 

Catch ya later...


12.08 pm:  We decided to dedicate today to getting all the kitchen boxes unpacked and put away.  We have done probably 70% of it.

 ABOVE:  You can ALMOST see the bench tops now!

ABOVE:  I think we have too many glasses!  Lots will be going to the Hospice shop.

Russ and Ange called in and picked up the green lounge suite, and a few other bits 'n' bobs.

We are now taking a break for lunch.

Harvey Norman's have not assembled the bed we want yet, so we won't be looking at it today.
But we have heaps of other things to get ... so we are going out later on.

EXHAUSTED.  We went out and bought a new clothes line, a heat gun to melt plastic bottles so they take up less room in the recycling bin, white thermals for Brylee so she can wear them under her white uniform shirt, I got some winter tops, an alarm clock for Griffin, a roller blind for Griffin's room and a few other little things.

Got home utterly spent.  I've been on my feet all day!  Both Stew and I have really aching legs from being on them all day... something we are not used to!

Stew cooked our first meal in the kitchen tonight... sausaged and spagetti/baked beans on toast.  Nothing fancy tonight!   
I am almost ready to take a photo of the kitchen with nothing on the benches!!!

But for now... I'm signing off and taking a break.


  1. OH WOW that's a lot of stuff heck sometimes you don't realise how much you have until you see it all like that exciting though...

  2. Oh Christ you have SO MUCH STUFF LOLLOLOLOL!
    That was me when we moved in here and I am still throwing things out!
    One of the best tips I got from Peter Walsh (the declutter guy) was to have a permanent box for the charity items in your house. I set one up and it is full once a month!

  3. Moving is stressful, I moved the 1 of June, but all done now. Good luck with the unpacking. Can't wait to see how your new house looks. It seems huge, sure you will find space for everything.

  4. I love your kitchen, you have so much bench space !!

  5. You guys are doing a great job - unpacking is a huge task.

    Hey, on another note, I've just been going through our junk mail before I send it to the recycle bin, and saw this in the Pascoes flyer and thought of you ...

  6. Well done Steve, you are certainly very handy.. shelves look good :)
    Chris, you must be so excited, new start, new house, finally you can really set the house up the way you want AND then relax :) Enjoy...

    Love Peter Walsh (declutter guru) he definitely has a way of sorting all the clutter and mess out, I need him in our house LOL :)

    Any vibe yet on what your neighbours are like? Noise at night etc?

    1. Quite a few have driven by and said hi... welcome to the neighbourhood etc. No noisy neighbours discovered yet.

  7. LOL - I'm STILL decluttering after my move from the farm. Getting heaps better tho. One tip I heard was for every new item you get for your house - get rid of two others. May not work too well for large expensive items but handy for clothing, magazines, and maybe in your case drinking glasses.....

  8. Anonymous6:09 AM

    How much you paid for new house and sold old one for? Tell me please. Tell me. No ignore my message. You ignore message all time.

    1. That's none of your business, so keep your nosey bloody questions to yourself. You get ignored because you ask stupid fucking questions, learn some respect.

    2. Anonymous1:32 AM

      up yours you carrot top IDIOT. Go get yourself a life. SpongeR.

    3. It sounds to me like someone is jealous of my sweet ginger beard, maybe one day when you hit puberty you can grow one as awesome as mine. And as for having a life, it is quite clear you yourself do not have one. So don't be envious of what I have, as it will lead you to nothing but despair.

    4. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Yes well at least my life not hovering at my mom and dad for free meals. Good bye carrot top. Nice knowing you and your ginger carrot beard.

    5. Jealousy, Hate and Malice... will get you nowhere in life. Look at yourself before having a go at others. You have NO IDEA how much we rely on our son Steve to do many, many things around our home for us. We NEVER have to ask, he offers. And what parent would not give a son and his family a meal if they are here? Seriously.

  9. Congratulations on the move. Glad to hear all is going well. Have fun settling in.


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