Saturday, June 11, 2016


Well... as you can guess... today is going to be all about unpacking.

Stew, Griffin and Steve will be getting all our stuff out of the storage units in Hamilton today.

I have NO idea where we will put it all! This house is already bursting at the seams!

Right... I better go... 

RANDOM FACT: This house is 54 steps long 😊😁😊😁😊 I just walked from one end to the other.... it's a LONG house! Who needs to go out for a walk? Not me... I can just walk the length of the house several times a day and...BOOM! Exercise done. Ha ha ha.



I thought I'd give all those freakin' cables another switch around... and it worked.
We have COLOUR again.

AND I can put up some photos later on.  

ABOVE:  And it began.   We were SO lucky that the trucks were 2 and a half hours LATE.
Because we didn't get the house keys till 3 pm, and the trucks arrived at the same time.  So we didn't have to pay any 'time penalty fees' to the moving company.  SCORE!

AND, we had TORRENTIAL RAIN for the two hours BEFORE the trucks arrived!  How lucky can ya get?

ABOVE:  See the girl squatting down there?  She was one of the unpackers... and I was concerned for her  because she looked pregnant.  So I asked her if she was OK doing such heavy work?  She said yes, cos NO, she wasn't pregnant... but...

She had given birth to her 2nd baby just TWO WEEKS AGO, and it was a surprise baby because they didn't think they could have any more babies after their first child 6 years ago.   

So, while we were talking, I asked her if she had a pushchair for baby yet, and she said "NO"... so I gave her the pushchair I'd bought for Keera.

She was thrilled to bits, as was her husband.  Most of the movers were related in some way... a true family business.

 ABOVE:  When I picked up the keys from the Estate Office, they gave us this huge gift basket!  I've not had much of a chance to look in it yet, but it's chokka with all sorts of stuff.  Even Gift Vouchers!

ABOVE:  If you are wondering what my house looks like right now... imagine every room looking like this!

ABOVE:  Here's the guys back with the first load from our Storage units in Hamilton.  They didn't get my fabric yet... boo hoo!

This is so much fun... in a weird way.  I do a bit, then I sit down for a bit.  My back is aching, and funnily enough, so are the muscles of my abdomen!  Shit, they ain't been used/sore in FOREVER!

RANDOM FACT #2:  It feels like CHRISTMAS when you open a box and see shit you ain't seen in almost a year!  I'm getting excited over TUPPERWARE!   BOWLS!   CUTLERY!   SERVING DISHES!   EVEN POTS.

Oh this is so much FUN FUN FUN.  I'm so friggin happy right now... even though my back is killing me.  I just took 2 Tramadol to make my back shut the hell up. 

ABOVE:  Woo hoo... I just hung up the key holder and keys.  I almost left the key holder in our Auckland home, but changed my mind at the last minute.

 ABOVE:  Kitchen/dining rooms a huge mess right now. I'm slowly working out where to put things.

ABOVE:  This is the food pantry.  When we looked at the house we sure didn't notice the blocks of wood holding up the shelves.  Steve is going to work on a solution so we can get rid of the blocks of wood.

Winding down for the day now.  It doesn't look like we got much done today, but in reality we did.  From now on we will take our time and slowly go through it all, putting stuff away and getting rid of other stuff.

The local Hospice shop is going to LOVE us!  *smiles*


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    You've done amazingly well, sore back and all. Looking forward to some photos of the new place. It will be fun unpacking as you may have forgotten what is boxed up. I know I have forgotten what I put in boxes two years ago and our house is not even finished yet and 8 weeks to go.
    Cambridge is a lovely spot Karen (Auckland)

  2. Yeah for the internet going!!!! I hope you all have a great day ahead. (Make sure you take care of that back though and don't go over-doing it).

  3. Have fun today, but take care of your back

  4. Yay now get head down and unpack BUT take it easy too it doesn't need to be done all in a day ....... you have ALL the time now and just enjoy!!! can't wait for pics.

  5. In a month or two you'll be all settled and sewing again in your sewing room! So excited for you all. Be careful Chris!

  6. So happy the big move ran smoothly. It will be great to have all your things in one place and you can sort everything out and get back to your sewing etc. Take care in the coming days, don't push yourself too hard as it will all fall into place. Cheers Glenys

  7. Exciting times!
    Take your time and take care of yourself Chris x

  8. More photos!!! (Please), I'm so excited for you and want to see more, I have been checking your blog so much 🙂

  9. I think the blocks of wood are for extra support to stop the shelves bowing. I am looking forward to seeing what Steve comes up with because I have a pantry cupboard I need to strengthen the shelves.

  10. I feel so sorry for that poor woman who had just given birth, having to leave her little baby behind to work. How terrible. :( You were lovely to give her the pram xxx

  11. Is that an orange Tupperware container ???? Just like mine haha.
    It will be interesting to see what Steve does to fix the shelf bow.
    Thing are really exciting now !

    1. Yes it is Tupperware. I have HEAPS of old Tupperware, and new. I love Tupperware. I even used to sell it back in the day.

    2. I have the 4 different sizes in those. I don't see the orange very often ( I actually hate orange these days but the containers are still great) oh I have a pair of short ones that I can freeze cakes in too. I hope you are taking lots is rests too

  12. I think it's going to look GREAT when you are settled. I'm so excited for you. :)

  13. Congratulations on your move, I hope you'll all be very happy in the new home. Lots more photos please!

  14. Reminds me of the bungalow almost a year ago. You will get tidy soon, just remember your back, do a job and then sit down, You have plenty of helpers. Looking forward to pictures.

  15. Wow you got heaps done ohhhh I BET its like Christmas alright you are going to have such fun.......

  16. Wow!
    Congratulations on the move.
    Its great you have lots of good help.

  17. Anonymous2:20 PM

    congratulations!!! so much fun organising your new home :-)


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