Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Today I can choose to sort out the linen, or my sewing room...

LINEN.... or...

Hmmmm... hard choice!  But I think it will be the linen.
Cos I want to do the sewing room last, and really enjoy doing it.

Though it's become a bit of a dumping ground for heaps of other stuff too.  *sigh*
Yeah, think I'll give it a miss!

I also want to get on the net and hunt around for a BIG rug for the family room.  We can see where most of the 'traffic' is, so want to protect the carpet from getting worn down in those places as much as we can.

Anyone know of any good rug shops in the Waikato?


So far today, I've been into town (Cambridge) and sussed out where things are... walked through most of the shopping area.

Good for the step count... lol.

Then I came home and did the linen cupboard and tidied up the spare bedroom (all the same room).

 ABOVE:  What a shit job that was! My arms are aching from folding up that lot.
But, at least it's another big job done and dusted.  (Someone must have liked butterflies!)

ABOVE: Now the spare bedroom looks lovely again.  I found a bedside drawer in town this morning, it was on sale for 1/3rd of it's original price, so I bought it.  It will match the headboard and base of the spare bed nicely.

4.13 pm:  I've had a good break from sorting stuff out here, but now I'm going to make a start on getting stuff out of my sewing room that doesn't belong there.

Then TOMORROW I can start unpacking my sewing stuff!  Very exciting!

9.49 pm:  well another day done and dusted.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I finally get to start sorting out my sewing room.


  1. I agree with the linen first plan. You can't enjoy the sewing room project with that other one hanging over your head. Do the linens. Then tackle the sewing room. Hopefully, first you can relocate all "non-sewing related_ items. Then enjoy your fabric goodies in peace!

  2. Let the sewing room be your treat for getting the rest of the house done, then you can spend as much time as you like getting it just right :-).

    As for the rug, keep an eye out for the big "Rug Expos' which seem to occur on a very regular basis. I am sure they have one in the Waikato as well as Akld. Alternatively - Trade Me :-)

  3. House id looking good Chris. I would have done the spare room first too. I'm sure the sewing room will take a lot longer than the spare room did

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Wow ! you have settled in so quickly,it seems like you prefer your new home and surroundings to your old home ? the new house seems to have more of a country feel with the lovely gardens etc.


    1. We loved our Auckland home, but when you decide to move you 'let go' of the old one and embrace the new one. This new home is bigger, all on one level, and its section is twice the size of our Auckland home. It is in a very small country town, but close to a larger city for bigger shopping centers. We do love this home, it's perfect for our family, those that live here all the time, and extended family. If you go back in my blog and see how we were when we moved into our Auckland home, you will see that we were just as excited to be moving into it then too.

  5. Your own sewing room... wow, now that will be amazing!! You will love getting that organised, I'm sure it will look fantastic when you've finished. I love where you have chosen to live. I think you will all be very happy there.

    1. It certainly will make a change from the cold garage!

  6. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Yes, we moved six years ago to a new house, after living in our 70 year old house for 23 years. I was so worried about moving etc..but didn't miss the old house from the day we moved in...of course the new one is twice the size and has beautiful light with the north and east facing windows etc...it is good to move on I realised. We got rid of so much stuff...in fact I am still doing so..lol


  7. Briscoes or The Warehouse have rugs & they are often on sale!

    I've had one from each place and found them to be easy care & well wearing - particularly in traffic areas.

  8. The linen cupboard is great my old boss has exactly the same set up..... and they are renovating a BIG job and what started as a few months has stretched into 4+ months. The sewing part will be awesome all your bits n bobs and treasures cant wait to see that too...

  9. Whew you are doing awesome! You'll have a lot of fun working on your sewing room now.


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