Friday, July 01, 2016


Today I am going to do the grocery shopping.

Yep, on me own!  Why?  So Stew and I  can spend the weekend doing stuff around the yard, hopefully.

The rain is supposed to ease up after today... so keeping our fingers crossed.

Shopping is going to be much easier too.  I can now unload in the garage, and won't have any stairs to lug everything up.

To think some of the earlier houses we tried to buy had heaps of stairs!  How lucky are we that we ended up with NONE.  *smiles*

We don't really like stairs!

The kids told me yesterday that school holidays start at the end of next week!  Bloody hell, where did this term go?  I'm sure we can find something to get up to during their two week break.

Well... can you believe that's all I have for now!
Seriously, my mind is an utterly blank space this morning.

I will be back later...


2.31 pm:  Finally home from Hamilton.  I sussed out some nice tie-backs for the curtains in the family room, and ordered them.
They should arrive next week.

Then I checked out a fabric shop in the city, I thought it only had curtaining and dress fabrics, wedding fabrics, BUT NO!  Their back wall is full of patchwork fabrics!

Not all fantastic quality fabric, but nice enough for some projects.

After that procrastinating... I did the grocery shopping.

Brought it all home and tried to use my little washing trolley to transport it into the kitchen.
Bad idea, it died on me!

So, I thought about if for a few seconds, then did this:

I used a bungy cord to hold the washing basket on the trolley and BOOM!  Problem solved.
I could take 3 bags of groceries at a time into the kitchen.

Rather happy about that clever idea.

Now all I have to do it put it all away.  Yaaaa.  So enthused about that.  NOT.

I'm sitting looking at it all for now, I've put away the frozens and fridge stuff, so no hurry.

4.47 pm:  Kids home from school.  I enlisted their help to put the rest of the groceries away.
I ended up re-arranging a few of the food shelves/cupboards.  Of course that took an hour!  Rather tired now!

Dinner tonight is lamb patties and veges.  Sounds good.

The lamb patties were AMAZING!  Totally going to buy more of them.
We are expecting the temperature to drop to -3 degrees C tonight (26.6 degrees F).  Brrrr, if it does get that low, we will have our first bumper frost.

Heading off to bed now, quite tired.


  1. Shame about the carport, but never mind. I like the sound of your new house, it sounds very user-friendly...especially the lack of stairs, that's a bonus! I like the semi-rural aspect too, that's what I miss about moving from the country to town.

  2. It may have taken a while and been hugely stressful but you have got a house that suits you and you love, it is so nice to read how happy you are.

    I did find it a bit ironic that you finally settled into the new house and Stew had to spend a couple of nights back in Auckland :-)

  3. Oooohhh no stairs yes very happy about that I bet, and rather ingenious trolley idea, have a lovely weekend first frost be coming soon! SNOW thick on them thar mountains!

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM


    I use three of those trolleys with the wheels and a bag that older people use for shopping, to get my shopping into the house, as the garage is at the other end of the house to my kitchen..they only cost about $15.


    1. Well done you! Our garage is quite a good distance from our kitchen if you use the internal door. Not as far if you are going out the garage door and in the front door... but that wouldn't be so good if it was pissing down with rain. I love my trolley/basket idea. *smiles*

    2. Its a great idea .... may just have to copy that one!


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