Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Today I'm going into 'town' (Cambridge) to take another load to Hospice, and I also have to register the dogs at the local council.

Then I will be going to the 'City' (Hamilton) to look for new curtains for the family room.  I will have to do my homework on the 'net to find out where local curtain shops are.  Spotlight had bugger all when we were there last.

I'm also going to suss out some plywood to make a design wall in my sewing room.

Now, I suppose I should show you what I got up to yesterday.

 ABOVE:  I worked in the garage, taking the remainder of the 'shed' stuff and putting it in the 2nd shed, and putting everything else that is waiting to go up into the attic in the hallway.
I did all that so I could do this:

ABOVE:  MY CAR IS FINALLY IN A GARAGE AGAIN!  I think it's been about 4 years since my car was in a garage.  I'm thrilled to bits.  No more getting wet when getting in and out of the car in the rain.  

ABOVE:  It's not even a really tight fit!  You can easily walk around the car.  Now I just have to set up some sort of system so I know how far to back in... I'll probably hang a tennis ball from the ceiling like I did in Auckland.

ABOVE:  Our neighbour's chickens visited again yesterday afternoon, and again the dogs went ballistic.  

I listened to cows moo'ing yesterday too. Because we are on the very edge of town, our road is really near to surrounding farms.  
Visiting chickens and listening to cows, I love it here!


1.34 pm:  And I'm back from town and the city.
Dogs are now registered for the next year.  I aslo made an appointment with a planning officer at the District Council, to ask questions about a carport.  That's on Thursday morning.

Hospice ladies were happy to see me AGAIN with a car load of stuff for them.  I told them it was the last load.  I sure hope so too.

I can't quite believe how much STUFF I've given to Hospice of the past year... both here and in Auckland when we first de-cluttered the house!

I had success in the city with finding just the right curtains for the family room too.  Very expensive, but worth it in the long run.  Once I've hung one I will show you the difference.

ABOVE:  Original curtains on the right, blockout curtains on the left.  I also went with full length where 'they' had shortened ones.  Now we will be able to SEE the TV during the day/afternoon without the sun shining through the curtains.  It's the small things that make such a difference eh?

Now I just hope the creases drop out on their own before my Mum decides to visit!  I sure in hell didn't feel like ironing all of them.  I'm lazy, there I admit it.

OMG... I just spent the last hour getting a mirror off the garage wall (put there by the previous owners, so they could see where to stop their car), which didn't work for my car.  It had been put on with no intention of it ever coming off again!

It took many, many swear words before I got it off!  THEN I had to get a ball suspended from the ceiling.  Another mission and many swear words!

But I found a ram in toggle and a big hook and a ball and string, and now it's done.  So next time I back in, it SHOULD be easy, peasy!

SHOULD.  Tomorrow will tell.

Time to stop and just relax, unwind before bed.  I'm all hot and bothered.


  1. I had a feeling that's what you were doing since it's been raining so much. It looks great! Tennis balls and marks on the wall work for me.

  2. Yep I use a little rubber washer hanging from the ceiling - same principle but smaller... works well!! Great to get the car in the garage and you'll love that you don't have so far to go now to take groceries into the kitchen!! Maybe shopping day won't be such a chore now.

  3. we have an offcut of timber on the floor. I find it easier than a tennis ball.

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Gee you have moved some stuff that's for sure and the chickens are too darned cute! Yes we have had heaps of rain too, and I am over it already. How is Griffin doing settling yet? Hope so. Congrats on the weight loss too....

  5. Anonymous1:11 PM

    its me blondie again...

    1. Griffin is getting better. He's made a couple of friends now and as time passes he will feel right at home there.

    2. I was just wondering this morning how Griffin was getting on. Glad he is getting settled. I hope they both make some good friends and get to hang out with them during the upcoming holidays.

      Full length curtains will help keep the heat in as well, we noticed it a lot when we swapped ours over.

  6. Chris, the curtains look great! And you are the most unlazy person I have ever seen! Your new home looks fabulous! Glad Griffin is doing better!

  7. Spray your curtains with plain water.... they will drop when they dry! Google it.. it works! I have done it alot with great results :)

    1. COOL! I will do that tomorrow. Right now I'm knackered and crabby! Thanks for the tip.

  8. You are not lazy! I hope the water trick works!!


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