Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Well... while there are heaps of jobs still to do around this new home of ours, most of them are ones that involve having Stew and Steve build sheds and the like.

My efforts have been concentrated on getting the inside of the house sorted.

I've finally got most things done, with just the sewing room to go!

That is my job today. I hope to have it finished by the end of the day. Fingers crossed I will find the few 'missing' things in that room too.

We have a garden waste 'bin' arriving today. It will be somewhere to put all the grass clippings and so on. Everything is slowly coming together. It won't be long now before we will be truly settled in. *smiles*

We are supposed to have wet weather for the rest of the week, so if it's raining at 8 am this morning, I will be driving the kids to school...

*sigh*... that means getting dressed early!

Shame I can't just jump in the car in me pj's! But knowing my luck and Murphy's Law, I'd get a flat tyre and end up on the side of the road in me pj's!

Nah, not a good idea. Clothes. I will wear 'em.


OOOOh! I just remembered... the bedside drawer for the spare bedroom is being delivered today too.

10.22 am: I did end up taking the kids to school. Hopefully Griffin has a better day today. He's really struggling to adjust, he always has been like that.

He doesn't take big changes too well. I can remember when he went to Kindy, he used to cry and vomit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For 2 years! And he did the same at school till he was 5 and a half.


 ABOVE:  But... I found them again in the sewing room.  Yaa, now I can SEE how much I lose each week in the marble jar.

ABOVE:  I am making some progress.  I have got most of the stuff that doesn't belong in there out... it's piled up in the hallway waiting to be put away.

Our garden waste bag has arrived, they put it in exactly the same place the previous owners had it.

The bedside drawer will be here within the hour... so the day is going great.

ABOVE:  How's that for a perfect match to the bed!  I'm very happy with it.  Now I need to find or make a little 'doilie' for it, and get a bedside lamp.

Right, back to the sewing room...

11.18 am:  And I'm taking a break from the sewing room.  It's quite daunting looking at 13 boxes waiting to be unpacked!

I will have to drag them all out into the hallway, and just do one box at a time, sorting out where everything will go slowly.  It's awesome that there's a double wardrobe to put stuff in as well as the shelving.

But OH man, I'm already tired.

ABOVE:  EVERY freakin' time I turn around, I run into a dog!  So, I got mad and yelled at them.  Poor girls.  They took themselves off to their bed in the garage!

ABOVE:  Well, it's 2.15 pm and the room has all it's furniture in it.  I was surprised I managed to fit in my BIG Horn Cutting Table in there too.

ABOVE:  Now to unpack the boxes!  But I'm taking another break.  It was bloody hard getting that table in there I can tell ya.

ABOVE: The 'business end' of the room.  

Ha ha!  I lay down on the couch at 4 pm and fell asleep till 6!  So no more work done on the sewing room today.
I will continue with it tomorrow.

Winding down... watching some TV. Then bedtime a bit later.


  1. Put your coat on over your pjs and risk it. Lol. I love my pjs and dressing gown at weekends. Have fun in your sewing room. You'll be very happy when that's done.

  2. You have made so much progress, make sure you have a rest too.

  3. Haha.. I too never venture out in the car in my PJs - Murphy's law you know something will happen. I was thinking that you should get yourself some little ducks... and put them in a row!! Quite clearly now all your ducks are in a row :) Maybe you could put your Britto ducks in a row? Have fun today sorting your fabric.

    I hope the kids are doing OK at school. You said last week that Griffin wasn't so happy... I hope he's enjoying it better this week.

    1. He's still miserable. He knows it will take time to settle in, but he is just a kid who doesn't take big changes like this too well.

  4. My heart goes out to Griffin - I am the same way . You really are make amazing progress.

  5. I love the marble jar. I used to use it in the classroom. I would transfer marbles over when I caught someone doing something good or when the whole class was working quietly or on task. When all the marbles had been transferred over the class would have a special treat or an extra recess. It is such a good visual reminder. I love your progress. You will be sewing soon.

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  7. Anonymous11:26 AM


    I know how you must feel about Griffin, I went through that myself with one of mine..for years....the house is looking great...



  8. Look at the faces of those poor wee doggies, how could you possibly be mad at them :-(

    1. When you almost trip over them several times in the space of an hour, you too would yell at them! They knew they were in trouble, hence taking themselves off to bed!

  9. Congrats on the new home, super happy for you guys and Cambridge is a lovely quant town

    1. How about coming to visit soon? I would love to see you.

    2. Sounds like a plan!! Will wait till you are all fully settled and I'm rid of this cold... will txt you next week to tee it up

  10. Is the sewing rom in one of the bedrooms? as a whole sewing room gee that will be so novel for you having ALL your stuff together out and organized hope Griffin gets back to himself soon....

  11. YES! I have the very front bedroom as the sewing room. It's looks out on the driveway and front door area, so I can see if anyone comes in our drive. It would normally be the 'spare guest bedroom', as it's away from all the other bedrooms at the other end of the house.

  12. Sounds all very exhausting. Hope you can find some time to relax. Take care.

  13. Anonymous4:29 AM

    The house is looking fantastic! Love all the planters and color outside. So happy for you!
    ~Nicole in CA


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