Saturday, June 18, 2016


Well... today we are having visitors.

First up, Kelly and family are visiting in the morning/midday.  
They have been asked to not arrive before 10 am as we intend sleeping in!

We need it.  Stew and I are bone tired.

Then later on in the day Steve, Bex and boys are arriving.
We have a 'small' list of jobs for Steve.  Poor bugger, no weekend rest for him.

In a couple of weeks we will have more jobs for him, when the garden sheds arrive and the attic ladder.  He will be able to help Stew assemble them.

I can't believe it, but we have got most of the house sorted now!  I have lots of tittivating to do of course, moving things around, hanging pictures, sorting out the linen.

LINEN:  yep, that is going to be done this weekend.  Steve is making shelving in the spare bedroom for me. I can't wait for that to be done!  Right now all the sheets, blankets etc are piled up in a heap in the wardrobe.
OH and I can finally put the blankets under the spare bed!

I will show you once I've done that for sure.

Stew and I will be spending a bit of time outside today, sorting out the garden pots and so on.  That will probably take a good hour or two. 

I am 'saving' the biggest job till last.


I want to tackle that when everything else is done, so I can take my time getting that room 'just right'.
And so I can drool over my fabric!  *lol*

OK... time to roll over and continue sleeping in!


ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena are here for a visit.

 ABOVE:  Didn't take long to find the toy box.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Coco after her grooming.  They cut her ear hair too short, but she's still gorgeous.

ABOVE:  In her most favourite place, on her Dad's lap.

Time to head outside and sort out pots!  And bits 'n' bobs. 

 ABOVE:  The dogs are going ape-shit!!!  WHY?

ABOVE:  This is why... we have visitors from one of our neighbours!

ABOVE:  Chooks!  Aren't they beautiful?

ABOVE:  Our walk in wardrobe is finished!  Yaaa... another one ticked off.

3.25 pm:  we all traipsed outside and moved pots and garden ornaments for about 2 hours.
Now the front door area looks awesome, and so does the back yard.
There is more to do, like fill the gardens with succulents, agave's and native grasses etc.  But that will happen over time.  No hurry.

Kelly and Rena have just left and I'm taking a break.

One of our neighbours, (Sandra) called in to say 'Hi', and give us some hot, fresh muffins.  Also the forms to fill in for Neighbourhood Watch.

It sounds like it's a fairly nice area to live in, they have a street BBQ every now and then... so that's lovely.

Steve, Bex and the boys are now on their way.  So I will relax till they get here I think.  Or not!
I might just think of something else to do... 

8.46 pm:  Family arrived, then we had dinner.  After dinner the guys watched rugby in the lounge and us girls watched Britain's Got Talent and did our nails.

ABOVE:  My poor nails are shot.  Short, broken, but with some gel polish on they might be a bit more protected.  I hope so anyway.

Time to sign off for the night.  Time for little people to go to bed, and big people soon after.


  1. Lol I luvs you guys. So glad this has happened at last for you. A whole room for sewing - you deserve it Chris. Hope you've got the sign for the door. Have a great weekend. Put your feet up tomorrow and enjoy the boys. Xox

  2. Wow looking so great!!!

  3. Your new place is looking awesome :-)

  4. I LOVE that you have neighbor birds visiting. My dog would flip his lid too! Coco looks lovely! Just give her a week or two and she will be just the right length. Actually, she looks fabulous. They always grow out way too fast! O love the look on Rena's face in the background with the dogs. She looks just as surprised as they do! The chicks, however, are cool as cucumbers!

  5. Can we have a Pepsi update soon?

  6. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Lovely pics !!!


  7. Chooks how cute the dogs will be in chook chasing heaven.! That's an impressive wardrobe, Gosh soon it will all be done and then the relaxing and pottering around and sewing .


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