Monday, June 13, 2016


Today the kids start at their new school.
They are both excited!
Keen to get there and start making friends.

While they are at school, Stew and I are going to keep on working on unpacking.

The only finished rooms are Brylee and Griffin's, and the kitchen:

 ABOVE:  The pantry, all sorted!

 ABOVE:  the kitchen and dining areas are DONE.
It is one of the hardest rooms in the house to unpack and get all sorted, so we have done really well getting it done in two days.

 ABOVE:  a new clock for the kitchen/family room.  I got it from a local gift shop.

ABOVE:  Finally getting to use the new jug and toaster. 

The kitchen photos were taken at night, so not the best lighting.  If I can I'll take better ones today some time.

At some point today we need to go into Hamilton to check out the new bed for the spare bedroom.  And get a few more bits 'n' bobs.


Right... some better photos of the kitchen:

ABOVE:  Stew is 6 foot 2 inches tall... so you can see how long our bench is!  HUGE.  Totally LOVE IT!

 ABOVE:  Two happy kids, about to leave for the first day at their new school.
Brylee got on the chair cos she's tired of being 'the short one'.  lol

ABOVE:  it's not often she gets to look down on Griffin. 

4.10 pm:  utterly exhausted AGAIN.  We did jobs all morning, then went into 'town' (Hamilton) to check out the bed for the spare bedroom.   It looks good, so bought it, paid for it and the lounge suite and expect them to be delivered on Thursday.

We also bought rubbish bins for the kitchen, drawer divider thingees for the utensil drawers, plastic boxes for storage in our walk in wardrobe, shoe racks, etc.  Somehow managed to spend freakin' heaps of money!

We got home just as the kids were almost home, so very good timing there.
Now?  Stew's going out for shelving for the 'linen' wardrobe and other stuff.
I'm sitting here thinking I can't move, I'm that tired!

It will all still be here tomorrow, so I think I'll have a break for an hour or so.

How did the kids go at school?
Brylee kept texting me saying how much she was enjoying her day, how many new friends she had made, how it was so tiring going from 3 lessons a day to 5, and so on.
Griffin said he had enjoyed his day too.

So all good there.  I think they liked the 'Tuck Shop' heaps too!  I have decided to give them lunch money, so they can buy their lunch each day.

WHY?  Because I used to supply sandwich makings (bread, cheese, ham, salad stuff etc), but we always ended up with a lot of wasted food.  This way there is no waste.  

So much more happened today... but I will tell you/show you tomorrow.

Dinner time!


  1. I love the clock and the blue appliances! Great to get the kitchen done. I hope the kids enjoy their new school and make lots of great friends.

  2. you guys are amazing the before and after pics you must have been like rockets looking so good. All best for Brylee and Griffin at new schools. Stew and Chris hope u get few spare minutes to breath in and enjoy your new home today without all the clutter and hassles that have lead to this day luv ya xx

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Love your new house and especially that clock. Moving is so hard. Love your blog I read it everyday! Marianne from Orlando, Florida

  4. Ha ha Stew is hilarious!! Hope the kids go well

  5. It is looking great Chris, you seem so happy

    1. I AM! This move have taken so long, it's been very stressful. But now? SO SO HAPPY.

  6. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Loving the photos Chris, your bench is to die for. All that preparation room :) the kids look great. Their faces look happy!!!! ! I hope they have an awesome day at their new school.

  7. Those kids are precious- so nice to see them smile. Love Stew! He is a real keeper.

  8. So great to see your pic's this morning Chris!kids are gorgeous, and Stew-what a big spunk! You sound so happy and I wish you all many laughs and beautiful memories in your new home x

  9. Lol love it dad on the bench... looking great mum.. cant wait to hobble in the front doors...

  10. Wow what a great house! I love that living room and kitchen/ dining.

  11. How was the first day of school????

    1. Haha, that was my question too :-)

  12. How was the first day of school????

  13. good to hear u r having a rest girl

  14. Looking sooo good Chris. At long last - really happy for you all!

  15. Fantastic honestly you are a trooper, IM LOVING the blue appliances and yay the bed the lounge its all coming together SOON SOON you will be able to enjoy it kick back and relax THAT bench top is the BOMB!!!!

  16. Anonymous9:01 PM


    Sounds like everything is working out well !!!

    Take care


  17. The windows in your kitchen are lovely. My kitchen is in the middle of my house with no windows and it always feels like I am in a cave.. It all looks awesome!

  18. I love the kitchen island and how there is no sink or cooktop in it. You're making amazing progress. So lovely of you to share all of this with us.

  19. Oh wow Chris! I can't get over how much you have done in two days. The kitchen looks really nice. And the island, my goodness the room! I'm guessing you have cupboard space beneath. Really nice!

  20. Your new house is looking phenomenal! I am super happy to hear that both kids had a first great day. What a relief!


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