Saturday, June 25, 2016


Today I can finally reveal our finished lounge:

ABOVE: Throught 'the gap' is the front door to the left and my sewing room.

 ABOVE:  In the front door entrance is the antique credenza, and behind it is our big mirror, that is waiting to be hung up on that wall.  I hope it gets done this weekend.

ABOVE:  It is a lovely, warm and inviting room.  The kids watch their programmes in here, and Stew watches sport in there too.

While he's doing that, I'm in the family room watching CORONATION STREET!  lol

ABOVE: Yesterday morning I was sitting in my chair in the family room, and I could see the girls in Brylee's bedroom.  They were just sitting on the bed, staring at me!

ABOVE:  They have a good view of the back yard from there.  I think they are really enjoying their new home.  So many places to lie in the sun and enjoy the view.

Now, today.
We are going down to the local carpet court to suss out some carpet samples to bring home.  We are getting a really big rug made to go in the Family Room, to protect the carpet from track marks.

And then it will be on with some more jobs around the house and yard.

I think Stew and Steve are going to be building garden sheds tomorrow.  


3.34 pm:  Well today is the first day I can say I've been really COLD!  It's wet and miserable out there.

We went down to the local shops, picked up some carpet samples and the garden sheds, took them home then headed into Hamilton.

While there we got the kids more jeans and sweatshirts, a new cuddly blanket for me... cos it is such a pretty dusky pink!  Another clothes airing rack, and a BBQ cover. Solar lights for the front driveway, so we can tell where our house is in the dark, and a little wooden stool for the front door area, to sit and put your shoes on with.

ABOVE:  While it was nice shopping, all I really wanted to do was come home and get warm... and I also felt rather ikk today.  Just so tired!

 ABOVE:  The little stool in the front entrace.  It's very solid, but not too big.

ABOVE:  The carpet samples we chose to bring home.  I've already made up my mind which one I want to go with.  

Steve, Bex and the boys are on their way.  Hopefully the weather stays rain-free so the guys can get the sheds built tomorrow.

Well the kids arrived safe and sound.
We are now enjoying a few wines and beers (the guys)... and watching Stewy cook dinner.  My night off.


  1. Everything is looking lovely. You have done so well.


  3. It's really starting to look like home.

  4. You have done an amazing amount of work. Just amazing. It looks like "yours" now. :)

  5. The place is looking great. It may pay to look at replacing the red curtains with full length ones to help keep the room warmer in winter.

    1. I am going to replace the curtains in the family room first, then save up and replace the lounge ones. They are a hideous, shiny fabric. The colour is OK though.

  6. Everything looks so nice and YOU and the family home is staying to all come together cant wait to see all the other treasures again has the new bed arrived yet? and what went underneath it?

    1. Photo of new bed is back on June 21st. I put blankets and quilts under it.
      It is a lovely, comfortable bed, so says Steve and Bex. *smiles*

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Should hang your fishy above the credenza in the entrance way


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