Tuesday, December 01, 2015


I took a short video of the puppies moving inside the belly yesterday:

ABOVE:  kinda weird, and exciting.  Makes it so real when you can see them moving.

This morning Coco goes to the Vet for her booster immunisation shot.

After that Keera and I are off to check out the local Daycare Centre, where Keera will be attending 3 full days a week, starting tomorrow all going well.

I'm relieved as it means Keera will get the stimulation and interaction she needs from other kids and teachers.  And I get some of 'my' time back without a pre-schooler constantly wanting my attention.

Keera is already so excited to be going!  She has been bugging me non stop since I told her she was going to Daycare.  

So happy she is such an adaptable wee girl.


Coco is SO NAUGHTY!  When the vet went to give her the injection she let out a shreik so loud we all jumped out of our skins, even the vet!
So I had to literally hold her down so Fiona could give her the booster shot.

Poor Keera got such a fright she burst into tears!  Poor kid.

At least that's done with for another year now.  I dropped Coco back home with Tallullah and then Keera and I went to check out the local Daycare Centre.

ABOVE: The Daycare Centre which is just up the road from our home.  Keera is going to start there tomorrow for 3 days a week.
She is SO EXCITED to be going... which is excellent!  
This means I still get to do 'my thing' three days a week.
I wish I had known I could use such a facility years ago when Brylee and Griffin were pre-schoolers!

We are expecting Lacy for a visit today.  Hopefully she gets here safely and her car does not break down.  I've not told Keera she's coming, JUST IN CASE.

12.18 pm:  I got the time muddled up and put Keera to bed for her midday nap at 11 am!  WHOOPS.
She's gone to sleep though, so she will have an extra long afternoon once she wakes up.  That's ok though, she will enjoy playing with her Mum once she gets here I'm sure.

I just took the 8 Week photo:

ABOVE:  See?  She has grown huge in the past week!

3.11 pm:  Well Lacy duly arrived and Keera is now spending some time with her.  They have gone for a nice walk down to the dairy, Keera happily clutching her 'dollars' from Grandma for an ice cream.  She seemed rather pleased with herself!  lol

Lacy and I have had a good talk and the situation is more firmed up now.  She is going to work on a few necessary changes and get the housing situation sorted over time, then she can have Keera back.

So, it's status quo for the next few months.

I keep watching Tallulah.  No signs of labour yet, thank goodness.  Fingers crossed she starts on Friday afternoon!  NOT 2 am.

End of Day: all went to plan today, Coco is fully immunised, Lacy arrived safe n sound and is staying until tomorrow, Stew is safely home from Rotorua and now... it's bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Seeing how much Keera loves playing with Dante I can see why she is so excited about going to daycare.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Keera is absolutely adorable. And she will love being at daycare, such a friendly young girl it seems. Good luck with everything Lacy new year new beggining new start. Keep your head up. BTW Chris, you and your husband are wonderful parents, and AWESOME grandparents..

  3. Penny5:35 PM

    Excellent news about Lacy, and good you are on the same page. The day care looks pretty cool, hope it works out to be a good fit for Keera. Puppies are exciting, still can't get over how quick it is compared to gestation of a human baby :-) I'm off to an ultrasound, will update my blog tonight/tomorrow. Penny xo

  4. Oooh i hope she got goodie goodie gumdrops :)

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Hello Bee :) how are you, no no goodie goodie gum drops lol but Keera did chose a nice chocolate strawberry trumpet sort of ice cream lol and a few lolly pops so she was very happy :)
      Love Keera's Mummy xx :)

    2. Hi Lacy. Im good thanks :) hope your having a good time with miss muppet! I always have goodie goodie gumdrops ice-cream when i come home haha. Im Such a child. Hope things are starting to settle for you. Xx

  5. That wriggling belly was cute but listening to Keera was cuter. How cool the daycare is close looks like fun no doubt the next few months will fly by.


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