Saturday, December 26, 2015


Photos from yesterday, in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  Ready, set.... GO!

 ABOVE:  in her pretty princess dress...

 ABOVE: 'sharing'...

 ABOVE:  Stew gave me that.  He is always saying 'Yes Dear' to me!

 ABOVE:  a really nice photo of these two!


ABOVE:  'adult' joke presents. 

ABOVE: Archer is now having the occassional bottle... and I got to give him one.

 ABOVE:  He can cute.

ABOVE:  on the left he's opening the drawer, and I said "any minute now he's going to jam his finger in it"... and seconds later... HE DID!

So, there ya go, just a few from yesterday.

The big kids (Brylee and Griffin) got disco type lights for their bedrooms from us, and they are so neat!  I took some little videos of the lights and might upload them later.

This morning I'm making waffles for the first time, we got a waffle maker from Stew's sister, so I want to try it out.

Stew and the kids will be going to the Boxing Day sales this morning.  I WILL NOT be going!  I can't imagine anything worse than braving the thousands out to get a good deal.
There is NOTHING I want enough to step foot in a mall/shop today.

I'm going to spend the day quietly here at home and just relax.


ABOVE:  sheesh!  I forgot to show you what I gave Stew for Christmas.... so there it is.  A boxing bag stand.  He already had the bag and gloves, he just needed the stand.

We were so lucky to get it, there was only one 'boxed, brand new one' in the country, and it was in Dunedin.  So we bought the display, shop floor one and got $150 off! 

I've never felt LESS like cooking waffles... or anything at this time of the morning!  Slightly befuddled in the head, and I only had 1 & 1/2 glasses of wine last night!

Probably just over tired I think.  So gunna have a nana nap this afternoon!

ABOVE:  Waffle making.... my kitchen was chaos this morning!  We had THREE waffle makers going at the same time.
The one we got for Christmas was a fizzer (wouldn't brown the top of the waffle), but luckily Steve and Bex bought one this morning and so did Stew, so those two worked just fine.

Griffin didn't get his PS4 as the shop was sold out in seconds, so he has to wait for them to get one in for him.  And that will be at the Boxing Day Sale price, as they had already made him pay for it, before realising they had no more!  Dicks.

All our visitors have gone now (it's 11.24 am) and we are going to have a bit of a relax. 

8.08 pm:  well it's been a lovely, quiet day!  Stew and the kids went out and about again and bought a big tv for Griffin's room for playing his PS4 (once he gets it).  I had a nap for about an hour, which was nice.

End of Day: another lovely day, summer sure is here... it's stinkin' hot and muggy.
I hate it.  Give me winter any day.
nite nite


  1. Was an awesome day..

  2. Lots of smiles in those photos, it looks like everyone has a great day

  3. I think your befuddled head is because you can finally relax now that Christmas Day is over and because it all went so well. Roll with it, just relax with a nice cold diet coke & a book or some sewing.

  4. Wow , Chris, I LOVE your pictures. Looked like you pulled off some big miracles there! I envy your beautiful house with all the light and space for everyone to spread out and have some fun. Aren't the kids so cute , err -little kids -err - adult kids cute too-isn't it neat to see what they have grown into. O - I badmouthed you on my blog once again - I confess. Hugs -hope you have many more good memories like these.

  5. Lovely photos Chris. How did the waffles taste? I haven't tried one of those waffle makers yet.

    1. The waffles were FANTASTIC!!!! I had half of one with maple syrup and whipped cream... it was to die for.

    2. Great to hear. It sounds like you did well only having half. I might have to look for one of those "once in a lifetime" sale from Briscoes and buy us one :) Which model did you find most effective today?

    3. The Goldair was utter crap. The two Breville ones were good. Steve and Bex had the Breville Crisp Control one and we had the Breville No Mess one. Both were as good as each other, except the 'No Mess' one was good at keeping the mess under control if you overfilled the dish. But really, once you get used to knowing how much mixture to put in, they both did a good job. Steve's one was half the price of ours.

  6. Waffles yummmmm but I couldn't possibly fit anymore food in! xmas day boxing day leftover overload such lovely photos.


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