Monday, November 30, 2015


Today marks the start of a week of waiting... and staying home.

Because Tallulah is so close to having her pups, I dare not go to far in case she goes into labour and needs a hand.  Plus I want to be with her when she has them... of course!

Technically she isn't due till about Friday... so a few more days for her to grow them a bit bigger.  She's waddling now!  Tomorrow she is 8 weeks along.  

I've got a few photos from last night's visit with Steve and Bex and kids:

 ABOVE:  Wee Archer loves standing on his feet.

ABOVE: Keera started a new game... standing on Granddad's legs/feet then plopping down fast. Poor Stew got a hammering from the two of them, while they had a blast!

Crikey Steve is a dick!

ABOVE: Our little crawler.  He's still very slow, going 'Commando Style' right now, but I bet by the end of the week he will be much faster and way more co-ordinated.

ABOVE:  He may have a broken ankle, but he can still play with the bubs.  

Keera now calls him 'Ankle Steve' instead of 'Uncle Steve'... it's hilarious.

OK...this morning I am going to have a go at finishing the little fabric box.   It only needs handstitching now, so I can do it in the lounge while Keera plays or watches the TV.


12.44 pm:  we have had a very quiet morning.  My back is giving me some grief today, worse than normal.  I was gunna go to the Dr, but I took some pain killers and they have helped.

The washing is out on the line, and I have moved some furniture.  WHOOPS, dumb me.

Keera has just gone to bed for her midday nap and I'm just sitting her trying to get the energy to go get my sewing.  But it means going up and down the stairs... *sigh*

Might leave it till later!  lol

Oh and the freakin whelping pen hasn't been put up yet either.  I might see if Brylee and Griffin can do it for me when they get home.

DONE.  Whelping pen is up and ready to be used.  Tallulah has checked it out and even slept in it for a little while too.
I swear she is getting bigger by the minute right now!   Her belly is stating to HANG it's that rotund.

Time for bed, I'm really done in tonight.  At least my back is feeling a bit better tonight.

End of day:  a nice day... lazy but necessary considering me damn backache.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Haha yea kewl pics, looks like the 3 Goober baby's are having a ball of a time :)
    Xx :)

  2. super cute pix.... Archer is gorgeous, that smile xxx

  3. The pictures of those kids playing together are priceless.

    I will have to organise to drop the newspapers off to you this week :-)

    1. Awesome... do you have my address?

  4. What a joyful post!

  5. Anonymous2:26 PM

    LOL @ Steve under the kids!! Can't wait for the puppy adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Praying Tallulah has a good and easy delivery!
    The kids are so cute. Good pictures!
    Hope your back is better real soon!

  7. Love the way Dante and Keera interact. And Archer is just gorgeous.

    Hope the back improves. It's a right pain in the whatsit.

  8. Archer is so cute he has a real sparkle in his eyes, Keera and Dante looked hilarious on Stew imagine when the puppies come Dante ad Keera will be a great help I'm sure.

  9. Looks like they are having great cousin time!


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