Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I know I've already shown you my tree, but it was a blurry photo eh?  So, here it is in the light of day:

ABOVE: It looks a bit sad!  But I like it.
And that's all that matters.

ABOVE:  I've put the new 'Butlers Trolley' to good use too.    Pretty cool.

ABOVE:  Our youngest little grandson.. eating fruit by the look of it.  He's a chubby bubba... darling wee Archer.  Bex is always sending me little photos of the boys during the week.... she knows how much I miss seeing them all the time.

Today I shall be getting those puppy blankets sewn, I hope.  Because Tallulah was unwell I didn't feel like going down to the garage and sewing yesterday, so they still need to be done. 

Keera goes to Daycare this morning too... so I better get a move on.  The day awaits, and it's going to be a nice one.

Oh and I forgot, Steve is now in a 'moonboot' for the next 6 weeks.  He's a bit grumpy about being off work for another 6 weeks, but heck... he did do his ankle in pretty well!


TIMING.  When would be the very best time to get a blocked kitchen drain?  Right before Christmas?


Got a drain unblocker guy coming sometime this morning.  Hoping like hell it's an easy fix.  *sigh*

Can't imagine the nightmare if he has to dig up the drains...  

On a brighter note... everyone is doing well ... Tallulah is just fine, puppies are just fine, kids are... ASLEEP.  Typical.

Keera is at Daycare, so I can now get on with all the usual morning stuff.... beds, washing, vacuming, bla bla bla.

11.31 am:   Most jobs done.  Plus I gave Tallulah a bath, and a flannel wash for all the pups.  Put down new whelping pen bedding (a daily job) and now all is quiet.

I've roused the teenagers, and once they have eaten 'brunch' they have some jobs to do as well.

I can't believe how mucky the house can become in just a few days!  Seriously, ikkk.

ABOVE:  bloody hell... this is happening too fast!  He's only 7 months old!  What happened to our tiny little baby???

Must be our lucky day.  The tradesman arrived and fixed the gully trap in 30 seconds with a special plunger thingee!
So relieved... and I bet Stew will be too.

Well the rest of the day has been fairly standard.  Picked Keera up from Daycare and gave her dinner, prepared dinner for us (we eat later than her).
Stew got home a bit later than 'normal', but that was fine as his dinner just kept warm in the oven.
We had lamb chops and veges.  

Very quiet in Blogland today!   I suppose everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas and holidays.  Fair enough.  *smiles*
I reckon I'm the only mad tart who blogs daily, regardless of what time of year it is.

End of Day:  totally over the heat today.  It's been muggy (humid) and I hate that.
Looking forward to bed tonight.  Tired.
nite nite


  1. 1 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of white vinegar then shove the plug in usually works for unblocking drains.

    1. Yeah I could try that... but I've got a bloke coming now so he can sort it out. It's our 'gully trap' that seems to be blocked, baking soda might not be enough ...

  2. I like your little tree-it has the "spirit"! I think that is neat that Steve Wants to go back to work- so many young fellows Don't want to work at all. Make that boy an extra Cookie!!!!!!! lol

  3. loving the updates and all the piccys. Happy Christmas to all and big love from Oz.

  4. Gorgeous Christmas tree - simple but effective - I love it! I don't think I've got the energy this year to put up our tree - wrapping presents is giving me enough grief as it is!

  5. Omg! Archer is absolutely adorable and growing so fast. . Love the photos of him. Its 40 degrees here in perth today..yuk!

  6. Archer Archer ohhh he could be walking soon... The tree is very nice simple but nice how are the puppies walking going any looking like moving yet?

  7. I'm glad you're a mad tart who blogs daily.. I'd miss my DCR fix! I have complete sympathy with Steve - got my cast off today, and have a moon boot and can't go back to work for 7 weeks! That'll be 14 weeks off altogether. Oh well, I was due to work Xmas day, at least I got out of that!

  8. Best wishes to you and the family. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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