Sunday, December 06, 2015


After a very restless night, at 6 am Tallulah is in active labour, starting to push.

How inconvenient!

But... puppies are coming TODAY!

Here's some photos I took of Tallulah last night:

ABOVE:  Can ya believe the size of that belly!  Poor girl, I know how it feels... even though I only had ONE at a time!  

Now... back to the delivery room....


 AND...  'Jeep' (boy)arrived at 6.37 am, then 6.50 am  Mini  (girl)arrived...  8.15 am 'Dodge' (boy) arrived, ....

I must say she dragging it out!   It doesn't help that I'm already exhausted and feeling really SICK!  No sleep often makes me ill.

I'm doing a few jobs in between arrivals...

AND...  'Bentley' (boy) arrived at 9.53 am,  'Holden' (boy) arrived at 10.23 am..... and we await the lucky last...  is  'Viva' (girl) at 11.25 am.

And we are done.

After a bit  of a rocky start, where Tallulah refused to have ANYTHING to do with the first two puppies, she started showing an interest and doing the 'mother' thing with the last 4.

Now she's looking after ALL of them.  I'm so relieved.

Stew is doing a wonderful job of getting the house ready for the Open Home!  I'm exhausted from bending over the whelping pen/puppies and mother for over 6 hours.

But it's all going good.  I've got a 'bed' made up in the back of my car for the dogs/puppies and we only have to vacate the premises for 35-45 minutes.  It will be OK.

WE are awesome like that! lol  (someone has to say it!)

I will post photos AFTER the Open Home.

3.18 pm:  So, I'm sitting in me car with just Tallulah and the puppies... and Tallulah is STILL PUSHING?????

I'm thinking HELL, she's got a retained placenta, I'm gunna have to take her straight to the Emergency Vets.

Then, just as I'm ready to go home after the Open Home she pushes it out.  GROSS.  

But hugely relieved as she should be OK now.

Get inside and the Estate Agent tells us today was a 'NO SHOW'.

Fuck!!!.... after all that stress and work!

So now we are probably going to have one more Open Home then take a 3-4 week break for Christmas. 

We actually NEED a break.

The Lady In Red's husband is finally ready to put their house on the market, so we might still sell over summer to her ... IF they sell their home quickly.

I've just put Pork Belly in the oven, Stew's gone to pick up Keera, and Steve and Bex and boys are coming for dinner.  

It's all GO here I tell ya!

Photos soon I promise, I'm just a wee bit busy right now.


ABOVE:  There ya go!  6 little puppies.
4 boys, 2 girls.

End of Day:  well a VERY BUSY day today.  Hopefully I get some sleep tonight... and Tallulah and the puppies get through the night without mishap.
I'm going to sleep in the lounge keeping an eye on them ... 
nite nite


  1. That's brought an enormous smile to my face. Well done Tallulah. Hope they all arrive safely xxx

  2. Yes!!!! Cars I think I guessed that :-) how about Cortina, Anglia & Zephyr? Good luck for the rest.

  3. Yesssssss! The big day is finally here! Wishing for smooth deliveries for Tallulah! Can't wait to see the babies!

    Carol in IL USA

  4. Oooh yay puppies! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

  5. So glad it's over for Tallulah. Can't wait to see photos. Love the names.

  6. Doo Ford is next right????

  7. Congrats on the safe arrival of the pups. Love the fact that they came on open house day but nothing seems to faze you!!

  8. ohhhh I know the puppies will be comfortable during your open home! Can't wait to see the little doggies xxx

  9. Congrats! So many congrats! What a crazy busy person you are right now!!

  10. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Praise the LORD they are all okay and so is mama! hugs~

  11. yay puppies thank goodness I love Viva and Bentley, lets hope all sleep well tonight you included.

  12. Congrats to you and the new mama!

  13. They are so cute Chris. Sleep well tonight.

  14. Cute overload it's been a long day checking for puppies early too bed tonight lol

  15. Congratulations, such beautiful bubs xx

  16. Congratulations on the safe arrival of six gorgeous fur babies :) (I'm sure you will sleep heaps better tonight!)

  17. Cute <3 just as i picked 4 boys n 2 girls :)

  18. Well done Tallulah. Hope you sleep tonite Chris.

  19. Yay! I guessed right!!


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