Monday, December 14, 2015


 I won a lovely fish dish on Trademe yesterday.  I'd completely forgotten I had bid on it!

So, here it is:

 ABOVE:  It's  a vintage Turkish Beaten Copper and Brass dish.  It took my fancy. It needs a good polish up... might do that later.

 ABOVE: Keera and Dante yesterday.  He's on an old phone and she's got a camera.  Today's kids eh!

 ABOVE: The puppies in the basket... it's how I transfer them to the car for Open Home time.  They look so darling.

ABOVE:  Our darling Archer, trying to stand up at freakin' 7 months.  See that little foot!  He's got the idea, just not the balance yet.

Today I am staying home as I am expecting a man to come around to view JEEP.  I don't know exactly when he's coming, so I'm kinda stuck here.
Not that I had much to do outside the house anyway.

I will potter around doing the washing and odd jobs I expect.


12 noon: And my washing lines are FULL to the max.  So much washing, where the hell does it all come from?

The viewer of JEEP is due at 1pm.  

Brylee and Griffin went down to their old primary school to play ball on the courts, but that school has not closed for the holidays yet, so they ended up helping some of the teachers do odd jobs.

They really enjoyed themselves and will be going back tomorrow to help out again.  Awww I've got nice kids.

1.20 pm:  AND JEEP IS SOLD!

I can't believe it took 4 days to sell them all... and 5 on the first day.  AMAZING.  

I really liked the family who came today and bought Jeep.  They have never had a dog before, so asked a million questions. Luckily they don't live far away, so I can help them if they have any questions once they take him home.  

They are very excited.  *smiles*
I let them hold Jeep and he pissed on ALL of them!  ha ha !

They have gone home to work on the hard job... naming him!

6.26 pm:  I went out this afternoon, on me own... and did most of the last minute Christmas shopping. Only the wrapping to go, and maybe one or two more small trips out for two last presents and then the grocery shopping.

Dinner is simmering in the pan, beef n bacon stew with veges on the side.

I had a go at polishing that fish dish with silvo, I didn't see a huge improvement, but it will do.
Silvo wrecks your hands!  Ikky stuff.

Got a phone call from Daycare late this afternoon, letting me know tomorrow is 'Water Fun Day'.  Right.  Keera ain't got any swimming togs, so we went down to the mall after dinner and bought her some.

They are very cute.  An 'all in one' suit that will protect her from the sun.  

End of Day:  Another busy day.  So tired tonight... really looking forward to my bed.  BED...not sofa!
I'm feeling much more relaxed about the puppies now, they are all doing so well.
nite nite


  1. Awww, those puppies in a basket! And you have babies! SO MUCH CUTENESS!

    What are you going to use fishy platter for? It needs to be on display somewhere.

    1. I've put it on the credenza in the lounge for now. I might use it for serving salmon dip or nibbles. And yes, it will be 'on display, it's too pretty to be shoved in a cupboard!

  2. Awww such gorgeous kids helping out at their old primary school! The teachers will really appreciate all the help, the kids keep busy so a real win win situation!
    Puppies are gorgeous Chris,wish I lived closer!

  3. Archer hehe that's a walk about to happen. A basket full of cuteness. Love the fish dish.

  4. Sweet puppies, hope they all find good homes.

  5. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Silvo is a silver polish not used for copper. You need Kleen King. That for stainless steal and copper. Try it. You will see the difference.

    Kelsey Stange, Willow Cottage, Storbury SW15 6NH

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Brasso for brass items

  7. Anonymous2:07 PM

    not sure what's cuter - puppies or kids!!!!!


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