Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today is going to be a fairly average day.

I shall take Keera to Daycare, then come home and do some much needed housework.

I also want to sort out my stuff for tonight's pottery class.
I've managed to gather a few things pertaining to Pottery lately, so need to sort it all out and get it all in one place/container so it's tidy.

I don't ever plan on getting back into pottery on a scale I used to do, but I do think now that I've found my love for it again I will be doing more.  There are several places around where I can get my pots fired, so I don't need to spend big bucks to do it.

Now when we move to Hamilton I shall need to make sure I've got space for a mini studio!
Sheesh, our new house will need to be BIG!   We need rooms for bedrooms, a gym, a sewing room and now a MINI pottery studio !

It's going to be interesting trying to accommodate all that I think.

I talked to our Estate Agent yesterday and suggested, instead of doing NOTHING over Christmas and New Year in relation to selling, we have 'Viewings By Appointment', that way if someone wants to view our house they still can.

And we will be having two more Open Homes before Christmas, not one.  So, that's sorted.

I might check my Christmas lists today too, make sure I've got all the presents I need for all the grandkids.  13 now... it's getting expensive!

At least I have FINALLY decided not to give gifts to the BIG kids anymore.  It would be just too much I believe.  For those coming here for Christmas Day I'm going to suggest every adult brings one 'JOKE' present and we have a 'Lucky Dip' for the adults .... it will be fun I think.  

Next up in the family is Dante's 3rd Birthday on the 16th.  I don't know what Steve and Bex have planned, but I'm sure I will find out.

Right, I've blithered on enough, here's a couple of cute photos of Tallulah and her pups from last night:

 ABOVE: This is Tallulah 'ON ALERT' because Coco was in the room!

ABOVE:  Now she's more relaxed.  It's hard to believe all those puppies fitted inside her now!  They have all gained weight since birth, so that's a relief too.

Right, better get moving, stuff to do...


Busy... busy!  I've organised the pottery stuff :

ABOVE:  Now it's in 3 boxes and a caddy.  I bet Stew's thinking it won't stay that 'small'!

While I was at the pottery shop yesterday I bought a pottery rolling pin, for rolling clay into slabs...

ABOVE: It's just a little bigger than a normal one!  And weighs a ton!  ha ha.   

I listed the puppies for sale on TRADEME about 5 minutes ago and I've ALREADY had a text from someone interested in one of the boys!!!  Bloody hell!

12.35 pm:  OMGosh!  I've got a lady who lives in our area coming around THIS AFTERNOON to look at the puppies, with a view to buying 1... OR even 2!  Talk about fast!

2.12 PM:  and.... I've just had a second lady come around and buy VIVA on the spot!  She's paid her deposit and will visit the puppy once a week until she can go home!  WOW.  AND she wants to call her puppy ... VIVA!  How cool is that?

I've still got the other lady calling in this afternoon too.  Sheesh, I hope she didn't want Viva!

2.45 PM:  Just sold Bentley to a 3rd person!
And there's a 4th person emailing me about buying MINI.  WOW

3.01 pm:  Just sold Jeep and Mini to the lady who was calling in this afternoon.  She's at a funeral right now, negotiating when she can call in to see them today!  MADNESS!

ABOVE:  4 sold in less than 5 hours!  Bloody hell!

Did I say 4? Make that 5!  Dodge just got sold too.  Now I only have Holden left. Phew, what a day.

I've got chicken in the oven, rice going on at 6 pm and then I'm off to my Pottery Class.   It's been a hectic day I must say.  But I actually prefer hectic days to lazy, do bugger all days.

End of Day:  well I got two more of my little pottery houses glazed in class tonight.  Fingers crossed they come out just as nice as the first one.  I used my glazes on the two tonight, so I do expect some variation from the 1st one.
nite nite


  1. Boy she does NOT want Coco around at all does she!

  2. You should have kept the texts in case she gets nastier. I am sure you will find lovely homes with deserving people for all the puppies.

    1. I deleted her first few texts, but not the second lot! Now if she texts again I will KNOW it's the TROLL.

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    What is it with people??? You've got trolls, I've got grown men thinking prank calls in the middle of the night are a good idea!!! Grrrrr. Love the puppies!!!!!!

  4. Wow those puppies are selling fast !

  5. They're gorgeous, though, Chris. And you take such great care of them that of course they will go quickly. I'm so pleased for you. I do hope someone with lots of time and money on their hands makes one of those realtor appointments and snaps your house up... but wants to move in exactly at the time it'd be best for you with the puppies and all. :)

  6. Wow that must be a record!!

  7. That's great! Such beautiful babies though, it's not surprising. You should keep little Holden... :-)

  8. Congratulations on the puppy sales. You breed beautiful puppies. X

  9. How cool Viva gets to stay at Viva cool. Im sure Holden will go too, xmas lists A BIG MUST we ate some of the scorched almonds SO I WAS going to replace them but thought yeah nah better not I am going to wait until closer to xmas day to limit the DAMAGE!!!

  10. My daughter was telling me she can feel her dogs pups moving around. Hers are due next week :) Husky puppies.


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