Saturday, December 12, 2015


Our youngest grandson.... is growing up way too fast!
He's not only crawling at 7 months, but he's already pulling himself up and trying to stand up!

ABOVE:  getting into the toy box.  Nothing is safe from his little hands now.  I'm told he gets into the pantry too!  Little ratbag.

Today I'm hoping Stew and the kids go out and about somewhere, probably a mall.  I plan on staying home as I don't feel comfortable leaving Tallulah and the puppies for too long yet.

I've got a little clay left over, so might just make another little house.  I've actually got just enough time to get it dry so I can glaze it on Thursday.  Then I will have 5 houses finished for the term.  I'm really loving the glazing!

Right, I'm off to get some washing on and set up an area to make that house.  


11.21 am:  This morning hasn't quite gone to plan.
I got cross with my coffee table!  It's too low:

ABOVE: See?   Why do coffee tables get made so low anyway?   So, in order for the fan to help with me friggin hot flushes, I have to put it on a plastic box.  Does me head in.
So I decided to go find a better option.

I'd seen something I liked at The Design Store in Botany, so Stew and I went over there with Griffin and Keera.   Brylee stayed home to babysit the puppies.

We ended up ordering two items, one a little 'magazine rack' which is perfect for my new 'coffee table', and a larger item for ... I dunno!  I just liked it.   WHOOPS.  Like I needed any more furniture!

ABOVE:  my new coffee table.  I'm going to run a plank of wood through the middle to make another shelf for 'stuff'.

ABOVE:  The other thing.  It's a drinks trolley... but I am sure I will find a use for it as something else, seeing as we don't 'DO' drinks!  lol  I think it's gorgeous and it matches the little coffee table.

On our drive home we passed a house with a sign outside saying 'Knitted Toys For Sale' so we stopped.  
The lady who made them was sitting in her garage with two trestles covered with toys, she said making them kept her busy.  She was a dear old lady, and we bought 4 of her toys.

ABOVE:  Santa and the two snowmen/lady will go under our Christmas tree.  The other toy will be for some grandchild eventually.

Best news of the day:

ABOVE:  Coco is allowed back into the lounge!  Tallulah has stopped being so aggressive towards her, as long as Coco DOES NOT GO NEAR HER BABIES!  *smiles*
There's some strategic positioning going on there.... she's put herself BETWEEN Coco and the puppies.  And of course, Coco dare not actually MOVE!  

Stew and the three kids have gone to lunch at the local mall, and to have a wander around.  I'm having left overs here at home, and I'm fine with that.

5.56 pm:  just had a lady and her daughter visit to look at Jeep with a view to buying him.  I should know later tonight if he's sold or not.

Looking forward to a nice evening... CORONATION STREET is on!  Yaaaa.

OH... I did get to half make a house this afternoon too... I just have to put a roof on it later on tonight and it will be done.

Dinner tonight was courtesy of my Aunt and Uncle who live just around the corner from us.  They took us to a local Steakhouse Restaurant.  The food was very nice...and the company.

We got home in time to put Keera to bed at her 'normal' time.  

Then I went downstairs and finished that little house and made another.

The puppy viewers decided they were not ready for a dog... so JEEP is still available.  I'm sure he will find new owners soon.  There's heaps of 'Watchers' on the Trademe advert.

End of Day: a very pleasant and busy day.  
nite nite


  1. What a clever wee boy he is... he'll be walking early that's for sure!

  2. Archer motivated by all the things to touch and move to!!! How adorable Samuel crawled at 8 months walked 5 steps at 10 months 2nd day 10 steps 3rd day BOOM walking argghhhh we had a compact lounge and he had been pulling himself up for like forever and walking around every available surface IT DIDNT help I had put him in a jolly jumper from way too early HE HAD very strong legs and back muscles he just didn't bounce he blardy catapulted!!

  3. oh actually the 3rd day was the release of the Bee Gees I don't want to be Alone? Grandad was by him sort of dancing and stepped away Samuel wanting to be near Grandad WALKED TO HIM !! LOL

  4. Your grand kids are lovely...all very good looking! Love the coffee table and DRINKS trolley. Just a quick question? Was voting for the new choice of flag compulsory?

    1. No it wasn't compulsory at all. We voted and are happy with the outcome so far.

  5. I like the silver fern and the southern cross. Hope we get the opportunity one day long as it doesn't have the boxing kangaroo on it. Leave that for sporting teams. Your puppies are georgous...what age do you give them to the owners?

  6. When I reading knitted toys, I thought how boring, until I saw the pic, I must say how amazing I'm so impressed, it looks so stunning.

  7. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Wow Archer is doing really well, very advanced..



    1. Yeah he is advanced, he takes after his GRANDMA ... ha ha ha!


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