Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Today Keera goes back to daycare.  I will be dropping her off on my way to the mall to get my hair colour re-done.

No more re-growth for me for a while.

Lacy didn't end up staying with us overnight after all.  She headed back to Tauranga after Keera went to bed.

So, Stew and the kids are staying home this morning while I'm out,  to keep an eye on puppies/dogs etc.

When I get home I hope to finally get the two dogs bathed.  I ran out of steam yesterday.

Baths!  Here's the puppies after their baths yesterday:

 ABOVE:  How cute are they?  A couple of them got a bit shivery and shaky after their bath, so I tucked them down my top and they soon warmed up and settled down.  

ABOVE:  First feed out on the lawn.

 ABOVE:  Dry babies....

ABOVE:  Wet babies.   *smiles*  I kept them in the sun to dry for a while in the basket.  They were so warm and snuggly.

I'm going to be giving them a bath once a week from now on... cos a litter of puppies can get really stinky over summer!  But I'd rather have summer puppies any day.  Winter ones are harder to look after.  Trust me, I know!

Right... I better get moving... I can get some washing done before I go out.


1.30 pm:  my hair took just over 3 hours... and I'm not happy with it. There is a definite YELLOW tinge to it, which they know I hate.
So... I came home and I'm sitting here with my hair lathered in purple shampoo.  I will probably have purple hair soon... cos I'm leaving it in for ages.  Purple is better than bloody yellow.

I get so cross when the colour is wrong.  I told the hairdresser it was yellow, she should have taken me back to the basin and toned it more.  
But she didn't and I was beyond staying there a moment longer.

The annoying thing is, it cost so much to do, and it takes so LONG to do.  Three hours in an uncomfortable chair is my limit.


The purple shampoo did NOTHING.  Grrrrr.  It must be a different shampoo to one I've used before that made my hair go purple.  *sigh*

9.53 pm:  and the afternoon and evening have been uneventful.  I had a nana nap this afternoon, I simply could not stay awake!

Dinner was left overs from last night... so no cooking for me, which was great.

Got a few jobs to do before bedtime, then I can wind up for the day.

End of Day:  a long, hot day, typical of summer.  Then I got cold in the evening, go figure!
nite nite


  1. They are so cute!

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  3. How damn annoying about your hair, I wish they would listen. I used to go to a male hairdresser who used to colour my hair and it was always a brassy colour, I asked him to not use that colour and he had the cheek to say that It was the tones in my hair making it that way. I started to colour my own hair at home and it was perfect, I asked him if he would colour my hair with my product of choice, his reply was it was unethical. I had been going to him for 10 years and I never went back after that. That was 20 years ago, and I still colour my hair at home with the same colour.

  4. I do my own hair colour with a $10 box from Kmart. I have long curly hair and it always looks good. Takes 20 minutes.... I too hate sitting in the salon -- drives me crazy xxx

  5. That's disgusting to pay all that money and not get what you ask for. I have started to color mine now and I Always ask for the same gal and she Always gets it right.
    The pups are precious-you do such a good job.

  6. christine4:47 PM

    They should give you a toner at no charge. You should not be stuck with a color that you don't like.

  7. christine4:49 PM

    I wonder if the two ladies above can tell what colors and brands they use. I never know what to buy. I just had it done professionally at the salon after botching it myself, two days before Christmas. (ThaNK GOODNESS THEY COULD SQUEEZE ME IN AND BAIL MY SORRY ARSE OUT).

  8. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I always done my own hair, that's not to say it's always come out exactly how I want it but I'm no pro so hay and it sure beats the cost and hours sitting to get a shit job, one day you will let me do yours or I'll just get you tipsy or drug you lol bet I could do a good job :)

  9. That totally sucks about your hair not being to your satisfaction Chris. I know the time involved is considerable and not the most comfortable way to spend a couple of hours, but I'd expect a refund or a repair if I was in your position. I must admit I do my own colouring these days - and the results are just as I like them. I know getting it right with blonde colours is harder though. Gorgeous pics of the puppies :)

  10. I would b ringing tomorrow saying A: after spending a considerable amount of time and money I want the job done properly and considering I have had my hair done many times I DO KNOW WHAT I am talking about..... thank you ( your voice of course) Cute puppy pile.

  11. Cute puppies! I like that you "put them down your top" to warm up! That'll do it!

  12. Re the purple shampoo... I use that after getting highlights, and my hairdresser ( who also shows horses) recommended I buy it from a 'horse' shop, as they use it to tone the manes and tails, (and she uses it in her salon!). I bought a huge bottle for about $12.


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