Monday, December 21, 2015


My tree is up finally, and we can start getting into Christmas mode.

ABOVE: our tree ... a slightly different sort of 'Christmas Tree', but ours this year.

I got a few cute photos of the littlies last night:

 ABOVE: Put these two together and you get A LOT OF NOISE!  Cute little buggers.

 ABOVE:  I love this one!

 ABOVE:  A quiet moment... it didn't last long.

ABOVE:  Full house... Steve goes for a review of his ankle this afternoon.  He's hoping they will take the cast off.  I don't think they will, but ya never know.

Today I will be taking Tallulah back to the Vets for a check up.  Then I will be sewing the remaining 4 puppy blankets.  I got a 2nd one done yesterday.

Catch ya later...


Another night spent on the couch, this time monitoring Tallulah.  I couldn't get the puppies to feed from the bottle, so I had to let them feed from Tallulah.  This is not good.

So, I kept giving Tallulah puppy milk with calcium in it every hour ... all night.  So, she didn't crash again, which was such a relief.

She will be seen by my vet in about 3/4's of an hour.  I hope she can help with how I can feed the puppies, and give Tallulah the break she needs.

Kids are still in bed, except for Keera of course.  Though she slept in till 8 am, which was wonderful!

Yaaaa!   The vet is very pleased with Tallulah, she said I totally did the right thing by letting her feed the pups, and giving her calcium all night.  
She's in excellent health again.

Milk Fever is VERY COMMON in small animals, so I'm not feeling BAD OR CRUEL about breeding Tallulah.  This was just a blimp along the way.

They weighed her and she has GAINED weight since the puppies arrived!  Amazing, seems I'm feeding her plenty *smiles*.

So... if any NEGATIVE or NASTY comments are left in regards to me breeding Tallulah, they will be deleted asap.  So don't waste your bloody time.

Wow, a couple of the puppies are trying to walk!  Very early days, but they are definitely trying!

Griffin's buddy, 'JJ' came over for a visit today, he was dying to hold a puppy.  I said 'No' for a while, then we had to move them, so I got him to help.  He got to put all the pups in the basket, and then put them back into the whelping pen once we had moved it.

 ABOVE:  JJ and all the pups.  He was such a happy boy!

 ABOVE:  I had to get a larger basket to fit them all in!

ABOVE: JJ holding Bentley.  His smile says it all.

So... JJ went home wishing he could stay!
I cooked a lovely chicken stir fry for dinner, Stew got home from Hamilton bang on time and we are now chillin' before bed.

End of Day:  lost the new acrylic nail on me thumb today, it snapped clean off.  Grrrrrr.  Now I will have to trim them all or it will look dumb... plus they are already too long to type properly.  At least the split nail seems to be OK.
nite nite


  1. So relieved Tallulah is ok…and the puppies are good.

  2. All of your pups are so beautiful and I know they are in the best of hands. If I was a pup I would want to be yours.

    Cute tree! Happy Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs

  3. Poor Tallulah, anyone with half a brain can see how well you look after the dogs & puppies. I am sure she will bounce back soon (hopefully not too many more nights on the couch for you).

    1. Maybe if I sleep on the couch on Thursday night I will get to see SANTA! lol
      Yeah I would enjoy that.

  4. Glad taullah is ok I been out all day just home almost first thing I did was check for an update.

  5. Glad Taullah is doing better and the puppies look great....

  6. Could bring a new round of "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus" from the kids :-)

  7. What great pics! I'm glad JJ had the chance to hold a puppy. I also hope trolls stay away from your blog. sheesh.

  8. Awwww lovely basket full of cute fluffies. JJ sure looks pleased as punch. Boy by the time Thursday night rolls around you will be due a lay in and rest perhaps all the other big kids and adults can tend to kids puppies and such and you can retreat to somewhere quiet!! ha yeah nah Dante and Keera would miss you for sure immediately they are so cute together, do they get asked if they brother and sister they could pass as siblings at times.

  9. awww I'm glad she is ok now! My daughter's dog is having her puppies! 4 so far, 2 or 3 to go.


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