Friday, December 11, 2015


OK... so yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day... and clearly it wasn't.

So maybe today will be ?

Keera is home with me today, so we might just spend it chillin' together. She's a funny wee thing, she doesn't seem to play with toys.  She just likes to hang out with me when she's at home.

Latest photo of the puppies, taken last night:

ABOVE:  they are growing like mushrooms!  Viva put on over 80 grams yesterday!   Considering her birth weight was 171 grams.... that's a huge gain in one day!

All the other puppies are making excellent gains too.  I'm so happy with how well Tallulah is doing with them.

Oh yeah.... today is the kids last day of school for the year.  That's nice, they get to help entertain Miss Muppet!  And of course, they will enjoy getting to sleep in EVERY DAY for the next 7-8 weeks.


Stuck on the computer and phone so far this morning.
Lady who wanted two puppies now only wants one, so I had to relist Jeep for sale.

In the meantime, I took a call from a lady down in Ashburton, (South Island), who has bought Holden.

So we just have Jeep to go!

I'm also sending updated photos of puppies to new owners.  It's GO GO GO!

Thank goodness Keera is an easy going kid and isn't too demanding of my time!

*SIGH* Spoke too soon.  Keera has been refusing to have a midday nap at Daycare, so when I put her to bed after lunch, guess what happened?
She started crying, then yelling, then hollering!  So... being a rather experienced mother, I totally ignored her.  I do believe she's gone to sleep.  SCORE!

2.01 pm:  I just had a brain wave.  I found a 'new' way to photograph the puppies and KNOW who's who in them.  Wait and see!

ABOVE:  Each puppy has his/her own fabric background for photos.  Good idea?

ABOVE:  Multi shots of puppies will be in the pen on the blanket, or on a green fabric.

And this has taken me 2 freakin' hours to do!

Well the rest of the afternoon and evening has been pleasant.  Takeaways tonight, so an easy night for me.  And no dishes for Stew.  *smiles*

End of Day: a much quieter day today ... which was good.  Puppies and Tallulah are doing well... Tallulah has settled down now and has got the hang of motherhood by the look of it.
nite nite


  1. Hope your quiet day works out. :)

  2. Shit last today rena still have monday Tuesday and half day Wednesday. ... puppies are looking great..but your puppies always look great.

  3. Sleep in? I'm sure Keera will have fun waking them up :) the puppies are so cute. shame im too far away to get one! Have a lovely day at home.

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I think those little pups will outgrow their fabrics! That is a really good idea!

  5. The little one on it's back.. so cute!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend. Good luck with the summer holidays.

  7. oh cute cute cute, Keera not sleeping ha of course theres puppies!


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