Friday, December 04, 2015


First up for the day, my first pottery house reveal.

When I glazed it last week I was worried sick it would be an utter disaster!  The tutor was using glazes that I was not familiar with at all, and he was not firing them like I was used to either.

So it was all new to me, and I was really worried my first house would go straight into the bin!

So imagine my delight when I got there last night to find it was a success!
Everyone thought it looks awesome, and so do I.  It's exactly how I wanted it to look:

 ABOVE:  Totally rustic looking, and what I was aiming for.  I'm in love with this little outhouse!  
ABOVE: A close up of some of the glaze detail.... looks like it's been in the garden forever already.

PUPPIES... so should come today!  If not I'm gunna be a bit bothered cos I really don't want it to drag out much longer.... remember we have an Open Home on Sunday afternoon!

I don't want to be moving them and Tallulah when they are only hours old!  *sigh*

Nature eh, ya can't do much about it.

Today Keera and I will just be hanging out here at home... again watching Tallulah like a hawk!


All is quiet sign of puppies yet.  Tallulah seems to be more calm and happy today, not distressed AT ALL.  Maybe she's gunna be overdue?

Keera is happily having her morning tea and I'm watching some stupid daytime TV!  Not something I usually do in the mornings I must say.  But, I just don't have much to do right now.

4.39 pm:  And.... nothing is happening.  Tallulah is hot and bothered, flopping around from place to place, but not showing any active 'in labour' signs.  *sigh*
Hopefully she doesn't decide 2 am is a good time!

It's stinkin' hot this afternoon.  Airless.  I've got two fans on in the lounge and it's not helping that much.

I was going to make Steak Pies for dinner using left over stew from last night, but it's just too bloody hot. 
It will be takeaways tonight for sure.

End of Day: WELL... no puppies today!
She is hanging in there for sure.  She's been very unsettled today, but then she's been like that for a couple of days already.  So, no idea when she's gunna whelp.
Maybe tomorrow.  Shit I hope it's tomorrow!
nite nite


  1. Love the outhouse, you are so clever :-).

    Fingers crossed for puppies today.

  2. Your pottery outhouse looks very cool! Love it!

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Love your little dunny, it is so cute. I hope you have puppies soon,
    Mary in Tassie

  4. loving the little house u r one talented tart glaze looks like green stone to me beautiful

  5. Can't you cancel the open house? If she has had them or is about to have them imagine the stress she will feel being moved. You would never forgive yourself if something happened to the puppies or her.

    1. Hi B, I talked to the Vet about this the other day and she said it would not hurt Tallulah or the pups to be moved for an hour or so. She said I was not to stress about it at all. So I'm not going to. Whatever happens we will go with the flow.

    2. Fair enough, the vet knows best.
      I still think Lower Hutt is a great name. :D

  6. Come on puppies!!!!

  7. Oh i hope i haven't jixed you to a 130am labour haha

    1. I will TOTALLY blame YOU if she does! I bet Tallulah read your guess (on delivery time) over my bloody shoulder and decided to make you right. Pfffft. lol

  8. The pottery house is just gorgeous I love it Oh dear I do hope your puppies don't come early hours of the morning....


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