Thursday, December 31, 2015


The other day when I gave Tallulah a bath, she wasn't impressed at all.

Last night ... well that was totally different!
She didn't like being in the bath, but OMG!  As soon as she was out she was like a mad dog... running around the house with a huge smile on her face!  (as much as a dog can smile)... she was so happy!

I'm sure she is feeling the heat something rotten.  And her bath just helped her cool down.

 ABOVE:  She was even happy to sit with Coco on Stew's lap!  Coco has not been her favourite sister of late.

ABOVE:  little fluff bucket!  She loves sitting with me, and if I'm not on my chair, she's following me around all over the house.  I'm sure she has bonded with me to another level since she had the pups.

Griffin is a happy boy now.  He finally has his Christmas present:

ABOVE:  in his room with his PS 4.  It came with one game, and he bought a 2nd one too.  I wonder how long it will be before he clocks them?
Hopefully in our new house (once we bloody move) he will have a room big enough to have a comfy chair in, so he doesn't have to ruin his back sitting on the bed.

Now... today.  Talking of games, Griffin wants to go and buy another game, and Brylee wants to buy a new bag for her 'girly' bits 'n' bobs.  Her current bag is falling to bits, and the bags I've made her are ... IN STORAGE!

So much 'stuff' we could be using right now is in storage!  We never imagined we would still be here by now.  *sigh*  Trying not to let THAT bother me too much.

Real estate is totally dead over Christmas/New Year!  Hopefully it picks up in the next couple of weeks.  

Right, that's all I have for now.  I am off to get Keera ready for Daycare, then I can do some housework.  There's fingerprints all over our doors and windows!  Little people.  *smiles*


1.41 pm:  Well so far I've done 3 loads of washing... changed the puppy bedding, looked at some gorgeous fabric online... and bugger all else!

I was going to order some awesome fabrics from the USA, but decided not to.  I know I don't really need any more right now. Dammit.

But, I've bookmarked the site (, as they have some really neat fabrics!

Stew and the kids are at Sylvia Park.  I'm not even remotely interested in venturing out!  Too hot, too crowed, too noisy... etc.  I am enjoying the quiet here all on my own.  BLISS.

Ha ha!  It's New Year's Eve and our plans are:

How thrilling is that?  OMG we are so stuck in the muds.  But, we really don't have any reason to stay up and see in the new year.  It happens every year, and after a while (like 50+ years), it just doesn't make much difference.

So.... what are YOU doing?  If you are lucky you are seeing it in with friends and family, having fun, setting off a rocket, whatever.  

Right now I'm waiting for dinner to cook, which is a bacon/sauasge/cheese/egg pie.  It should be nice.  I don't make crap pies!

End of Day:  HaPpY NeW YeAr !
nite nite


  1. Griffin will be a happy boy now, maybe a computer chair will save his back. Wishing you a wonderful 2016 :)

  2. Hi Chris - thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I hope 2016 brings you happiness with the house and in your life - every good thing :-)

  3. I bet the fingerprints on windows at my place beats yours!! Charlie has a glass door obsession ... yuk!!

  4. No doubt they are happy finger prints!! Nice to se Tallulah smiling...I would have enjoyed that yesterday too we had a very hot day!!

  5. I bathed my two dogs yesterday and the Kelpie did the same thing. Hated getting the hose treatment (I can't do them in the tub anymore!) but afterward raced round the yard like crazy, barking and jumping. When I'd finished the other dog, she was rushing at him barking and egging him to come play while I was still trying to dry him off! Crazy animals!

  6. Aren't clean dogs Great- just like clean humans. lol
    So great the Griffin is happy - that should keep him busy while out of school. Don't you hate having things in storage! I envy you your beautiful weather . Tonight and tomorrow are the last of my USA pretty weather for a while and then freezing comes back. Wish I could ship it to you and cool you down halfway and give me half your heat ! ~smile!

  7. Griffin looks so bloody happy! Just like my son, jeez they'd get on well! We bought our son a 'racing' chair from Office works, and mounted his telly on the wall, suffice to say he is as happy as a pig in poo! Ps4, TV and food =happy 14 yr old boys!
    Tallulah looks happy and I'm sure she has bonded with you more, her trust for you has just gone up a notch or two!! I'd love a puppy from you Chris. ..too bad I'm in Melbourne Australia!
    Happiest of new years for you and your beautiful family, here's to new houses and many more smiles xx

  8. Haha my New Years Eve is much like yours.

  9. No New Years plans for us, the whole household has been ill since Christmas day and we're still not fully recovered. Happy New Year to you and your family, hope 2016 is good to you!

  10. Kids and games equals happy happy. Very quiet New Year here well for me everyone else going cray cray around me.

  11. Happy new year Chris Stew and family xxx
    I had slightly different ny's. Dinner with family then my mum and I came over my place looked around my garden etc the out looking at Christmas lights dropped her off at my Aunty then I rocked on past the ny celebrations at Hagley park just ontime for the fireworks (best way to do it don't have t listen to all the crappy music only ever go to the concert for fireworks) then home enjoying a wine in the quiet of my wee home in my fairy lights and in 12 hours I will see my grand daughter Sarah. To think it's over 8 yrs since I was at your place when she was born. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Happy New Year to you and your family too... I hope it will be a great year for you all :)

  13. Happy New Year! We are having a party at the club house tonight. I'm helping with that. That is over at 9ish though since we are doing an "East Coast" new years time even though we are 3 hours later on the West Coast so that all the old people don't have to stay up so late lol. We'll just migrate over to the bar after that part dies down lol.


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