Sunday, December 13, 2015


Today will be the 2nd to last Open Home for the year.  And for once there really is a lot to do to get ready!
The house is quite untidy.

Stew is taking Keera over to Steve and Bex's for the day, so she's not underfoot while we get the work done.

Hopefully she doesn't catch the boy's colds.

Here's some happy snaps from yesterday:

 ABOVE: Keera having fun at the mall yesterday.

 ABOVE: All ready to go out for dinner last night.  She felt very special in her pretty dress and cardigan.

ABOVE:  The first house I finished yesterday.  I'm very happy with it.

And finally for now... some snaps of the puppies:

 ABOVE: For the first couple of weeks I weigh each puppy once a day, it's a comfort to see they are gaining weight consistently.  That's Holden getting weighed.  He's doing very well.

 ABOVE:  The line up!  So bloody cute.

ABOVE: The brazen hussy of the group!  She is the only puppy to lie on her back so far.  She's full after a feed... her and JEEP are the same weight and the biggest puppies so far.

Right, gotta go.  I'm going to put a roof on the 2nd house from last night, then get on with the housework.
Fingers crossed we get some viewers today.


12.26 pm:  and everything is going like clockwork.  I've finished the 2nd little house, and luckily I had JUST ENOUGH clay to do the two.  I ended up with a golf ball size piece of clay left.... so ONLY just made it.

The housework is all but done, just got the kitchen to go, and I don't do that until after we have had lunch.  

Lunch.  Yep, Stew is being sent out for something from the hot bread shop.  That's what we usually do on Open Home days now.

The puppies... OMGosh, they are just getting so FAT!  Adorable.  

3.12 pm:  And another Open Home over for the week.
Today we had 3 viewers.  One of them was The Lady In Red!  Her 7th visit ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I feel so sorry for her, and frustrated too.... as I want her to sell her house/property and BUY MY BLOODY HOUSE, instead of just stalking it.  lol

I won a dish on Trademe, so Stew and the kids have gone over to the North Shore to pick it up, and get Keera from Steve and Bex's too.

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming for dinner tonight.  I'm NOT cooking.
Both Stew and I are really worn out and a bit crabby today... these Open Homes take a lot of organising/cleaning/tidying and we are so over them.

So tonight's dinner will be PIZZA.  

Dinner and company was lovely.  A very busy home here.

End of Day: A freakin' busy day... fingers crossed for something to happen after today's Open Home.  One group seemed very interested (apart from the Lady In Red).  Fingers crossed.
nite nite


  1. Good luck for the open home today.

  2. I love Viva love her to bits she is so cute! Keera is growing so fast and such a beautiful little girl. Heres hoping Miss Lady in red has a small miracle.

  3. Please tell Keera that she looks gorgeous in her pretty clothes!!

  4. Keera looks adorable in her little dress and cardigan! Little Viva is adorable <3

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Very nice Post!


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