Saturday, December 05, 2015


Getting impatient now.  *sigh*
So want those puppies born today!
Tomorrow would be a right bugger, so COME ON TALLULAH!
Spit 'em out.

In the meantime, here's some adorable photos of Miss Muppet I took yesterday afternoon:

ABOVE:  our adorable Keera.  BEFORE I thought to comb her hair!

 ABOVE:  And after I did her hair.  I think she's gorgeous either way, tousled or tidy.
She LOVED posing by the way... little madam.

Well not a lot going on today.  I will get as much housework done as possible today so I have less to do tomorrow.
And of course, keep a close eye on Tallulah.


11. 30 am: Tallulah is being a dirty rotten stopout!  She's not showing ANY sign of having her pups.  Grrrr.
I bet you she's gunna wait until tomorrow afternoon, 2 pm to be exact.  RIGHT on Open Home time.

Bloody dog.

And of course, I can't go anywhere today at all... JUST. IN. CASE. *sigh*
I think Stew and the kids will go out at some point, so they get an outing over the weekend at least.

I just yelled at Griffin for doing a lousy job of putting some linen away, and Keera listened then said:

"You got TOLD Griffin!"


They all just left for the mall... leaving me here on me Pat Malone.  Hopefully Stew remembers to bring me some lunch home.  I want a kebab.

5.00 pm: puppies yet.
But she's MEGA CRANKY.  A little while ago Stew went to pat her and she growled at him!   At STEW!!!   Pissy bitch.  *lol*

End of Day:  well I'm off to bed... ON THE  COUCH.  Cos she's really restless and I need to keep an eye on her.  Though, she will probably just keep me up all night doing nothing!
nite nite


  1. Phew. Just wanted to check the puppies didn't arrive over night. Lol. Keera is beautiful love the pics. Have a great day :)

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Haha you are safe B lol :) x
      Love Keera's Mummy

    2. Might be 130am tomorrow yet lol

    3. I hope fleas infest ya bed and keep YOU awake all night ya tart! *big laugh* I will think of you at 1.30 am, cos I'm bound to be awake watched her!

    4. Hahaha. I better wear mozzie spray to bed just in case! I'm sure its going to be a long night. Hope you both rest well :)

  2. I shall be popping back regularly today for puppy updates.....*waits patiently*

  3. I keep checking for puppy updates too.

  4. Keera is a beautiful lil girl, her hair colour is gorgeous. I too keep checking back for puppies now I'm heading out I'm going for the tight five plus one!! lol

  5. Maybe you can cancel open house just this once?

  6. Bugger, just got home from a show & did a puppy check :-(. Hurry up Tallulah!


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