Friday, December 18, 2015


Last night, as per usual, I weighed the puppies.

ABOVE: Stew last night, writing the puppies current weights in the 'Puppy Book'.

Mini (ha ha!), totally named her wrong!.... she's the biggest puppy and is now over 600 grams!

Should have called her 'TANK'  *smiles*

Our smallest (Dodge) did well and had a big gain yesterday, taking him into the 400's.

I'm just so happy with how well they are doing.  Their eyes are almost all open now.  But all they do right now is eat and sleep.

Totally boring little buggers!  I can't wait until they start walking and being playful.

I will try and get updated photos of all pups today.

Today... well not doing much really.  I will have to come back later and let ya know what we get up to.


2.10 pm:   The kids and I went to Sylvia Park so I could get my nails re-done.  I did something different from my multi-colours this time.

Then we popped in to see Steve, Bex and boys, then came home.

Keera is having a nap and I've been taking photos of puppies.

Here's their latest 'photo shoot' :

ABOVE:  Now I have to send the updated photos to their owners via email.  I will be doing that once a week till they leave home.

End of Day:  well a fairly quiet day today.  Stew got home around 7 pm and we went out to Carl's Junior for dinner.  Home.  Coronation Street.  Bed.  
nite nite


  1. Every time you pick Mini up you can think of my daughter as she was 640g when she was born....haha

  2. Love all the puppies names and pics of them and their progress.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM


    The puppies are so cute !!!!


  4. christine6:11 PM

    Why are you calling them by their first initials? I like their names, even if only temporary!

    1. Because some new owners find it hard to think of their puppy having a 'name' already. So, I will refer to them by their initials now, which will make it easier for their owners to find their 'forever' name. VIVA is keeping her name!

  5. I love seeing the puppies change almost daily.

  6. Viva is honestly the cutest little button! Have a lovely weekend.


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