Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Today our darling Grandson Dante turns 3.  Life would not be the same without him in our lives, he's just the most delightful little boy.

ABOVE:  Happy Birthday darling boy.  See you tonight with cake... yum yum.

This afternoon we have a Private Viewing of the house at 4.30 pm.  It will be the 2nd viewing for this couple, they came to our Open Home last Sunday, then did a drive by later on that day too.  So, they seem fairly interested.

So, the kids and I will be getting the house ready for that for most of the day.

ABOVE:  Mini last night, 9 days old.   
Tina came and saw her puppy Mini last night.... and so that's it... all puppies have been sorted, and have forever homes.
Tina... start thinking of her name!  *smiles*

The puppies eyes are starting to open... so that is very exciting.  They just get more and more cute.

OK... I better get moving, get Miss Muppet to Daycare and get on with the tidying/cleaning etc.   


9.09 am:  And Keera is at Daycare, I've been down to the supermarket for some split peas 'n' onions... home... put a pea and bacon soup on in the crockpot and now... I'm going to get the lazy arse teenagers out of bed so they can help me with the vacuming, dusting, polishing... bla bla bla.

*sigh*   I think I'm on track today!

11.20 am:  and we should have this house licked in another hour.  I'm totally knackered.

The kids are bitching and moaning, and they only got out of bed an hour ago!
I asked Griffin to wipe out the microwave, after (seriously) 1 minute he was complaining of a sore arm and had to switch to his left hand!   OMG!   

I've been scrubbing and polishing and making beds, and cleaning bathrooms for 3 hours and I'm not 'sore'!  Tired ... YES.  Sore?  Nah.

I decided I could get the jobs done faster and easier if the kids were not here, so I threw some cash at them and sent them off to find their own lunch.  *smiles*
And they are not allowed to come home till 2 pm either!    

11.50 am: Everything is done now except for last minute things, and putting the dogs/puppies in the car and leaving the house!  Big relief.

5.55 pm:  Well the private viewings are over.  There were two groups through this afternoon, both sound a little promising.
Not holding me breath, as we know how it can turn out.

Steve, Bex and their boys are here for dinner and birthday cake.  Bex is icing it right now in fact.

Looking forward to a nice evening.

9.44 pm:  well it was a lovely evening.... LOUD with the two pre-schoolers racing around the house though!  
Dante had a lovely birthday by all accounts.  We gave him his present, and he also got one from his Aunty Kelly and Uncle Gordon while he was here too.

We all ate cake and then they went home.

ABOVE:  Bex had to make two cakes today, one for Playcentre, and one for here.  It was rather yum too.

 ABOVE: Blowing out his candles.

 ABOVE:  Opening his present from Aunty Kelly and co.  It was a Thomas the Tank Engine Swimming top.  He loved it.

 ABOVE:  His present from us was Kinetic Sand.  We all had a little play with it... it's rather 'interesting'.

Now they have left and we are watching The X Factor. Only one night to go now.  We have really enjoyed watching it, but simply CANNOT believe Reggie and Bole are in the final!  They are entertaining, but not amazing singers by any means... in OUR OPINION.

End of Day: a bloody busy day and one I hope we don't have to repeat for a while. I want Stew home to help for the next one.
nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday Dante. have a fun day. Fingers crossed with the house viewing.

  2. Happy Birthday Dante, have lots of fun. Good luck with the house.

  3. Happy Birthday Dante, Im sure you will have a great day with lots of love and attention

  4. Happy birthday to Dante

  5. Wow, happy 3rd Birthday to Dante, he is growing up so fast. I know what you mean about the teenagers, Siobhan would spend the entire day in bed given half a chance. I dragged her to work yesterday and she spent the day stuffing envelopes and putting stamps & address stickers on them for our office Christmas cards, she also packed gift boxes and is coming back tomorrow to do some more stuff.

  6. Happy birthday Dante goodness where have those three years gone.
    Hope you get a positive result from the private veiwing and by weekend all is signed sealed. Wouldn't that be the Wat news for Christmas.

  7. Happy birthday to Dante and fingers crossed for your house sale!!

  8. 3 years already he is getting so big and that smile a knockout. Teenagers unless theres something in it for them they can be hard to motivate, lets hope you don't have to do many more open homes.

  9. The puppies are so much fun! Daughter's dog got an x ray and there is 6 maybe 7 since I guess she had food in her stomach so they couldn't see for sure on the 7th possible one. I wish I was closer to her so I could play with them when they are born.

    Can't believe Dante is 3 already! Time sure flies! What a cutie, Happy Birthday to him!

  10. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Happy Birthday Dante (sorry I'm late)!!!!!!!!!! Great Cake Bex!!! fingers crossed for the house sales!!!!


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